Thursday, September 29, 2016

Our Hilton Head Vacation

Earlier this month we took our first family vacation that didn't involve going somewhere to visit family. While leaving in Austin we traveled to Ohio often but since being home we haven't went on vacation. We've focused much of our attention to spending time with family and friends we missed while living South. So when planning our vacation we had a few rules: a) we wanted to Connor to experience the ocean/beach for the first time b) we wanted to go somewhere we've never been before and c) it needed to be within driving distance. James spent a ton of time scooping out possibilities and after much back and forth, we landed Sea Pines Resort on Hilton Head Island. It was the 3 of us plus my Mom going and the anticipation of our trip pushed us through the dog days of August. I snapped far too many photos to include here so I'm going to share a my favorites along with small details of our trip.

It felt like we the entire South Carolina coast to our disposal and we took full advantage of that. We visited 3 different beaches and spent afternoons at the pool. We soaked up every bit of sunshine we could before coming home since sunny days are limited here in Ohio in the Fall and Winter.

We were about 45 minutes east of Savannah so we took a day trip and visit the historic town. A TV show was being filmed there, Underground, so that was a fun surprise we stumbled on. We visited a 1800's schoolhouse which gave way to some really fun photo opps. We traveled the city via trolley and that was a first for Connor, which is loved. The downtown area has tons of shops and restaurants and we visited pretty impressive candy shop.

Our resort had a playground and Connor loved visiting it. The were stables nearby as well with the friendliest of horses. We were able to get so close to them to pet and talk with them. Dining at the Salty Dog Cafe was a must and we did that when picking up souvenirs from family and friends.

Connor loved the ocean, the boy just loves being in water. We had a blast and memories were made that we will forever cherish. Connor is already planning our next vacation to... Legoland. I'd much rather have the sand and the sun but maybe he'll get his wish. After all we do have plans to head to Florida in the Spring!

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