Thursday, September 22, 2016

Our 2016 Fall Bucket List

Happy First Day of Fall! With the official start of Fall here I now have the opportunity to share with you our Fall bucket list. I've put a lot of thought into this year's list. I want to spend the season making memories and enjoying time with family and friends. Connor is so "big" to me these days that I feel like this year we have the ability to have the most perfect Fall yet. We just need a chance to make memories and explore and our bucket list does just that! 

Starting this weekend and moving through to the end of November we are going to be a family on a mission. Operation Enjoy Fall is underway. Our first adventure is going to be taking a road trip. With friends all over the state, we need to make plans to see our favorite people so Grove City we will be coming for you oh so soon. 

We had a fabulous Summer but it's time to wish it well and send it on it's way. Too bad the high today is supposed to be 88. Lord help me! I'm OVER THESE TEMPS. But don't fret. Nothing will hold me back from celebrating Fall. 

Are you ready for Autumn? What's on your bucket list this year? What is your one must do task this season? 

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