Monday, September 5, 2016

My Month in Numbers -- August 2016

Happy Labor Day, friends! While I know this is a busy weekend for many - folks wrapping up Summer fun and all - I want to put an end to Summer once and for all with my August month in numbers post. I love sharing a bit of our month with this post. So many little things happen that are fun to share that this type of post is perfect to do so with. So here is a look back on some randomness that was August 2016.

Number of photos I deleted from my phone in a single month. It's safe to say I'm take one too many photos of life. Now if I could organize the keepers life would be good.

Number of nights Connor slept all night long... in his bed! Sometimes it's a hot mess up in here when it comes to our sleeping arrangements. I am not a co-sleeper by choice but sometimes, you got take the sleep however you can. That often means getting woke up at 4AM because Connor wants us to come tuck him back in. 

Number of files I deleted from my laptop in one month. I create a ton of images so I often have multiple copies because of edits so they add up fast. The bulk of my images come from Canva and Unsplash and I add the text. Check either site out, both are free and easy to use. 

Number of times we had lunch out. I really wanted to cut dining out at lunch during the week out and boy did I. While I would much rather have some Chic-Fila-A, it's just not necessary. Lunch at home as been surprisingly pleasant. 

Number of steps taken in one day, which happens to be my personal best. I want to aim for 15,000+ in September. With cooler evenings coming our way, I think it's totally manageable

Number of caffeinated beverages I had this month. Along with dining out, I really wanted to cut back on the soda and with the exception of a few splurges, I did pretty well. Now let's see how long I can go before I get a fall coffee.

Number of play dates we had last month. Because I knew our time would be limited during the school year since CJ goes to school MWF, I made sure we spent some time with friends before heading back to the classroom. While I'll miss the fun with friends, maybe now we can relax a bit. 

Number of events I have plans to attend from September to December. I've added them our calendar, paid fees and plan to have the most epic Fall and Winter ever. This doesn't include the birthday fun we have in October and November.

August went by so fast. I can hardly believe it's already September. 
How'd August treat you?

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