Sunday, September 25, 2016

It's Pumpkin Day, Mouse! - Craft, Printable & Reading List

It's safe to say we've finally entered that stage of parenting where crafting and completing projects is more fun than work. I remember when CJ was little I would get so stressed out during craft time because things weren't going so well. Well the years have come and gone and I'm must more go with the flow and my OCD checks itself at the door during craft hour. Last week in an attempt to survive the witching hour Connor and I gathered some (new to us) craft supplies and created our very first suncatcher. The best part? It's a pumpkin! We let the children's book "It's Pumpkin Day, Mouse!" be our guide and we had a fun hour of reading, counting and crafting.

When we have "school" as Connor calls it, I try to stick with a theme. It's easy to find pumpkin inspiration this time of year. One thing Connor and I wanted to try for the first time was working with contact paper and tissue paper. Our crafts typically involve paint so this was a new adventure to us. I used the pumpkin template found HERE to get the base of our pumpkin and then provided Connor with multiple colored squarest to fill in the pumpkin. Within minutes we created our first sun catcher and we both are hooked on using contact paper for crafting #nerdalert.

I wanted to include some learning in our craft hour so I thought the candy corn number sheets were perfect. The only downfall was that Connor wanted to eat more than learn. Candy corn is a favorite of his and for every row he completed, I allowed him one piece.

This task was a great way for Connor to work on number recognition along with counting. He has no problems with either on must occasions but like his colors, shapes and letters I like to continually practice those skills in new fun ways.

Once Connor finished his craft and his counting, we moved onto reading new-to-us books. This month's theme was based on the book "Happy Pumpkin Day, Mouse!" so I wanted to find more books that included both pumpkins and mice. I was pleasantly surprised to discover 4 more books that included both!

Connor's love of all things Halloween, pumpkin and Fall runs deep so this lesson worked really well for us. It kept his attention and he was interested from start to finish. Speaking of finish... to end the hour of teaching we watched this year's first screening of "It's the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown". All in all it was a great way to usher in Fall. Now... if only Mother Nature would get her act together. 

Find more "It's Pumpkin Day, Mouse!" activities, recipes, crafts and more over at Raising Fairies and Knights.

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