Friday, September 23, 2016

I'm All About That Fall, 'Bout That Fall... No Summer

Does my blog post title make you instantly sing "All About That Bass"? If it did, then good! My cleverness worked. If it didn't, no surprise. I'm really not that clever!

I'm so excited for this weekend. Not only does James come home today after a week out of town, which ends my run of solo parenting, but we have a lot of fun planned this weekend. Today and tomorrow I'm going to a womens conference led by Lysa TerKeurst with girlfriends from MOPS and Sunday we have plans for a play date and birthday party to attend. But before we go skipping into the weekend here is a recap of our week.


I mentioned that Connor and I were solo this week. The beginning of the week started off well enough (I was able to get this cute photo of the two of us on Tuesday) but by yesterday afternoon, we were in the trenches of the worst threeanger days I've experienced yet. It all started because I asked him to pick up his toys and he didn't want to. We fought and fought, he ended up hurting himself because he rolled his eyes too hard. Yes, you just read that. He told me I wasn't considering his feelings and that I was breaking the "kid rules". Kid rules are rules that Connor makes up as the days go. Usually it's a response to me saying no or taking something from him or making him do something for himself. You guys the drama is thick and the attitude is out of control. Pray yesterday was some fluke and that year 4 isn't going to be the death of us/me.


I LOVE THIS SHOW. I know it's just week 1 but hand to Jesus I promise you this show is going to be BIG. Maybe it's because I love so many of the actors -- Mandy Moore, Milo Ventimiglia, Justin Hartley and Sterling K. Brown. I'm not going to say much because I don't want to spoil it for anyone who hasn't watched it yet but this show has everything. EVERYTHING! Do yourself a favor and watch it. I promise you it's going to be the "it" show that replaces (if that's even possible) Parenthood. But if you did watch the premier what did you think?


Early this week a friend and I completed a DIY project and it took all of 5 minutes and no one was harmed. If you are looking to add some inexpensive decor to your front porch this is for you! Pick up a plastic pumpkin ($1 from Target) along with a can of spray paint of your color choice (silver and gold work perfectly) and spray paint your pumpkin with 2-3 coats. This takes about 3 minutes per pumpkin. Once they dry pop in a mum and you have a simple DIY project that adds a ton of pop to your doorstep.


With the start of Fall officially upon us I decided to play around with my essential oils to create a Fall scent. I have found a few suggestions online and thought with a minor changes, it would be perfect for me. I went with Ginger, Orange and Cinnamon essential oils. 4 drops of Orange and Cinnamon Bark and 3 drops of Ginger. You don't want to go to heavy with the Ginger, it's a really strong scent. Within minutes of diffusing this combo my downstairs smelled like one of the spice candles you'd get from Bath and Body.


If Fall isn't your thing, I am sorry. One for the joyless life you live (kidding!) and two because you are probably bored out of your mind with my blog posts since this entire week was dedicated to Fall. Next week isn't as Fall heavy but from now till mid-November this is par for the blogging course. But if Fall is your J-A-M Here are the direct links to each post in case you missed one this week:

I hope you had a great week and that your weekend gives you the family time you yearn for along with enough downtime to feel relaxed come Monday morning. Happy Friday, friends!

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