Thursday, September 15, 2016

Happy Fall! Candy Corn Mix with Printable

You knew it would only be a matter of time before I started sharing Fall focused posts, right? First it was this year's Falling for Fall Photo Challenge and now this. I mean next to Christmas it is the very best season. While the temps are giving us a bit of a push back, I've jumped head first into Fall. Our home has been decorated, pumpkin cookies have been baked and I may or may not have had a PSL or two while on vacation. To spread the Fall spirit (I may have just made that up), I want to gift some friends a Fall theme gift this week at MOPS. Nothing says Fall like candy corn!

I'm not sure who discovered the combination of candy corn and peanuts but hands down it's my favorite. It's like you are eating a Payday candy bar. Paydays remind me of James's Granny. She always had one on her end table and till this day, every time I see or eat one, I think of her. There is something about the mixture of the sweet candy corns and salty peanuts that just make my taste buds happy. Give a dish of this mix plus a hot coffee and I'm pretty much set for the Fall. The only problem is once I start snacking, I can't stop.

I wanted to gift the girls at my table something that was 100% Fall and this candy corn mix does the trick. Simply mix equal parts candy corn and peanuts. To fill these wide mouth half pint Mason jars, I used a half cup each. Speaking of Mason jars, they are my go to way to gift anything. Trail mix, body scrubs, hot chocolate kits, you name it, I put it in a Mason jar. I scored this set from a garage sale this Summer. I've been holding on to them, hoping to discover a use for them this Fall.

Prepping my jars took next to no effort thanks to this spray gel. The first step was the annoying task of getting those darn price stickers off. I never understand why they have to be on the glass because it’s such a pain to get them off. Fortunately I picked up some Goo Gone Spray Gel at Target, in the aisle with the cleaning supplies, and the stickers came off so easily! Please do not use the GooGone on silk, leather, suede, rubber, faux stainless steel, drywall, unfinished wood surfaces or unsealed stone.

I used Fall construction paper to cover the lid, adding a bit of a fun touch to a typically boring container. Using the printable below, I attached the "this may sound CORNY but I'm NUTS about you!" with black and white striped washy tape and I had a personalized, edible Fall gift for my girlfriends.
Right click and save image. Scale down to a 5x7 and then print.

I have so many different plans for the Fall. All include DIY projects which is new to me. But I have a few tools that are a must and will help make projects easier to manage and clean up. This Candy Corn Mix was a quick and easy gift that screams autumn. Now, it's time to move onto baked goods, 4th birthday parties and Halloween fun.

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