Saturday, September 17, 2016

Food for Thought: Safe Vehicles for Your Family

I've mentioned that we just got back from vacation. We spent 7 days in Hilton Head and we loved every minute together as a family, off the grid. We had a blast. Memories were made and Connor is already planning our next trip. He wants Legoland. I'm going to aim for a cruise. Either way, spending time together was priceless. We planned our trip out perfectly. From the activities we splurged on to the condo we booked to the route we would take when driving. We put a lot of thought into this trip. One area that we didn't mess with was transportation. We planned to drive so the safety was of utmost importance. 

Our road trip took us through 5 states: Ohio, Kentucky, Tennessee, North Carolina and finally, South Carolina. We even spent a day in Georgia. Every time we got in the car we knew what we needed to drive safely, with no distractions, and to keep the cargo inside, my family of 3 plus my Mom, as safe as possible. We encountered some storms on the way home and made the choice to pull over for a bit to wait the storm out. Our safety mattered more than trying to outrun a storm. The safety of our family was and always is our number one priority. 

I recently read an article detailing the resale of vehicles with open recalls which blew my mind.  I honestly could not believe it! Who knew a car with an open recall could be on the market? When you buy a car from a reputable dealer you naturally assume that the vehicle is in tip-top shape. You would like to believe that you are buying a quality car that will serve your family for years. I purchased a brand new car almost 5 years ago and have had some hiccups with it over the duration of my loan but those are too be expected. But active recalls without my knowledge? No thank you!

Are you in the market for a new car? Wouldn't you want to know BEFORE your purchase your family vehicle whether or not you were buying a car with open recalls? Families, especially single income ones like ours, shouldn't have to settle for anything less than no-nonsense recall policies. For starters, I did a little research and dug up some more information on the sale of vehicles with open recalls.  Thanks to the world wide web you can find just about anything you need on dealerships and their policies just by visiting the retailer's website. Thanks Google!  For example, AutoNation has a clearly defined recall-free policy. If you find yourself in a situation where you are not sure about a retailer’s stance just go to their website and dig around a little. You can also check out the vehicle’s VIN number to learn it's history (accidents and recalls both are listed). 

While there are plenty of "what ifs" when driving, the one thing you shouldn't have to worry about is having bought a car with known issues. Weather conditions, other drivers and accidents happen and are all things that you don't plan for. Buying a car that will protect your family and provide you with a sense of comfort isn't something you should have to play the "what if" game about.

Disclosure: The inclusion of this press release was sponsored in exchange for my honest opinion on car recall policies. As a parent who is responsible for carpooling our son to and from play dates, practice, preschool 3 days a week and doctor appointments, vehicle safety is important to me. Additional details on auto safety can be found here.

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