Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Coffee Conversations + our Mug Love Exchange

One of my favorite things to do in the Fall is to plan coffee dates with friends. It may be because the weather is cooler, making sipping on a hot cup of coffee pure bliss. We get together and catch up. With Connor at home with James, I can talk without putting out fires or multi-tasking. It's Heaven on Earth. I can't forget the smell of coffee houses. It's warm and inviting and I usually leave high on coffee beans and sugar. If you and I were to meet over a cup or two of mocha, here is what I'd share with you...

... going to the gym has been amazing for my mental state and my energy level. However, I can't seem to drop weight as easily as others. It's frustrating and makes me want to give up more times then not but I just keep telling myself to trust the process.

... having Connor in school 3 days a week has been so refreshing. I do miss having him at home with me but confession: I'm lovin' the silence. I spend his school hours working on my blog, which allows me to step away from it when he is home. I am able to think and work in a silence that has been missed.

... Friendships are hard. I don't think it matters if you've been friends 15 years or 3 months, it's important to put forth effort in each and every relationship. I am at point in my life that I feel if you aren't making the effort than it's clear that I'm not necessarily needed in your circle. While it may hurt to cut ties completely, I've learned that when it comes to friendship it's truly quality over quantity. It takes a friend to be a friend, right?

... the idea of being parents to a 4 year old is surreal. How in the Hell do we have a 4 year old? Just yesterday he was a sweet baby boy who loved his paci and took the best naps. While we love "big boy" Connor, I find myself missing "baby boy" Connor just as much.

... decorating for the holidays lifts my spirits, not that I'm a grumpy person without the decor. I put up our Fall decorations on August 29th, the first day of school. I am not one bit ashamed of this. The longer my Fall decorations are up the better; I get to enjoy them more. Plus I plan to decorate for Christmas earlier than ever this year.

... Connor doesn't nap so each afternoon at 1PM I make sure we are home because that's when Sid the Science Kid comes on followed by The Cat in the Hat. For one full hour he vegges out and has a snack and watches TV. I don't feel one bit bad either because both shows are educational.

... I refuse to get on board with Instagram Stories. I don't led an exciting enough life to have it shared on both a blog, social media and then mini clips of my life via Snapchat and Instagram. Maybe I'm boring but that's all right by me. I like to leave a more Granny style life anyway.

Are you a coffee lover like me? Do you have one too many mugs to sip from? Then do I have a fun exchange for you!

Today kicks off our Mug Love Exchange sign-ups. Here are the full details on the exchange along with the link to sign-up...
  • Mugs should be between $10-$15 before shipping.
  • Sign-ups close on September 14 and partners will be emailed on September 16. 
  • The last day to mail your mug will be September 30th. 
  • Swap is open to US residents only! 
  • Share your mug online on October 10. Ideally in a post or a IG photo with hashtag #MugLoveExchange.
  • Sign-up for the swap by completing this Google doc: MUG LOVE Exchange

I can't wait to celebrate PSL season with my fellow coffee lovers. And if pumpkin spice isn't you thing, that's okay, too! White chocolate mochas are a house favorite, too. Not only can we chat about all things coffee but we can drink from a cute mugs while we are at it. Sign up now!

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