Tuesday, September 6, 2016

August Recap -- September Goals

August had so much potential and I am happy to report that we made the very most of it. We filled the month with lots of memories and ended the month on a high note with a family-filled weekend. Even with a busy month, we were able to cross all of our to do's off our August list of goals. Here is that recap plus the goals we have for September.

Here is what we accomplished from last month's list
Attend a local festival or fair
Start attending church (again!!)
Simplify daily to-do list
Schedule 5-7 posts for September
Walk/Jog/Run 30 miles in August 
Cut back on junk food - soda, dining out, empty calorie snacks and carbs
Date my Mister
Plan a girl date with Kari
Complete one craft a week with C
Visit Boonshoft
Create artwork gallery wall in playroom
Start prepping for Fall decorations

Ladies and gentlemen, for the first month this year we completed every single task on our list. I don't exactly know how it happened but I will say making daily to do lists and rolling uncompleted to the next day has helped me so much. By Friday, the majority of my tasks are completed. I have to admit that we didn't create a artwork gallery wall for Connor. We went with a keepsake binder instead. I'll share more of that later this month. It feels really good to see a completed goal list for a change. 

Visit the beach
Attend Third on Third

Create new blog button
Update pages

Get to the gym at least 9 times
Take 3 classes at the gym

Enjoy one MNO
Put together our Fall Bucket List display

Complete Level 1 Swim Lessons
Purge Connor's playroom before his birthday

Decorate for Fall
Bake 2-3 new recipes

September is the prologue to all things great -- Fall, birthdays, Thanksgiving and Christmas. Expect our goals to be highly seasonal from here on out. 

Are you still focused on your new years goals? I know that by now they seem a bit boring and bothersome but I love pushing myself to do more, experience more in a single month. If you are still plugging away at the goals you set for yourself in January or even those that are month to month, let me know! I'd love to check in with you this month.

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