Monday, September 19, 2016

$10 at Target: Halloween Themed Birthday Month Goodies

Each October we gift Connor a small Halloween themed present on October 1. Not only does this kick-off the new month but it's his birthday month, too. I love this tradition and plan to carry it out for as long as he is okay with Halloween themed goodies. With a birthday so close to trick or treat, it's bound to happen. My birthday is November 1st so I've enjoyed (and sometimes not) my fair share of black, orange and all things spooky. It's only fair that he gets the same treatment with his October 30th birthday. While shopping for my $10 at Target, I stuck to the dollar bins in hopes of finding him the perfect gifts for his "Happy Birthday Month" goodies.

When looking for his presents, I was hoping to snag some Frankenstein items and was thrilled when Target gave me 2 such items. My love of Frankenstein stems from Connor's nickname Frank. When I was in the hospital with him, the northeast was being hit with a storm that was being called a Frankenstorm. That paired with Halloween and 26 hours of labor and delivery resulted in Connor being referred to as Frank. Now that he is older we joke that when C is being more than we can handle, he is being a total Frank (think Jekyll and Hyde). 

I was able to snag a Frankenstein plate and card, a new glass cup with straw, some skeleton glow sticks (we love using these at bath time), a white pumpkin for C's room and some fun stickers to send friends. These items were a little less than $8. Earlier this month, I snagged the Little Blue Truck Halloween book using a gift card I discovered in my wallet, making it free. 

Along with these goodies, I'll give Connor a pair of skeleton pajamas I picked up from Old Navy. I'm hoping to pick up some donuts on the first, too. Last year I was able to find some that had orange, green and white sprinkles and ones that looked covered in spider webs (white icing). 

It's safe to say we are in full October-Halloween-Birthday mode over here. Now it's your turn to share what goodies you scored this month. Link-up below! 

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