Wednesday, August 24, 2016

We Are Officially Soccer Parents

And just like that... I'm a soccer Mom! It blows my mind that Connor is old enough to be on a team or play a sport or pick a shirt with a number on it. On Saturday, we kicked off a 6 week soccer camp where CJ will learn the basics and build his confidence on the field for 30 minutes and have a 30 minute scrimmage against another team the last part of each class. Connor was eager to start and was a bit upset at one point that no one was playing "real soccer". Bless his heart. He was beyond excited to play and others weren't as pumped as he was.

Connor is such a social butterfly. He quickly made a friend (number 7) and the two of them played a bit more than practiced at certain points. Connor scored a goal during the scrimmage and he was elated. He also thought he needed to play goalie but was quickly distracted by telling people what they should be doing. He is such a little boss. 

We have 5 more weeks of camp with next week being picture week. Be still my heart. I can't wait to have sport photos decorating our home. 

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