Friday, August 5, 2016

WaterWipes: Pure Wipes for Your Little Ones

This post was sponsored by WaterWipes as part of an Influencer Activation for Influence Central. I received complimentary products to facilitate my review.

When we discovered I was pregnant with Connor, I instantly panicked thinking "How am I supposed to know what's best for a baby?". Overtime I realized it's a ton of trial and error and that you aren't supposed to know everything day 1. Like all parents, I try to make the best choices for Connor when it comes to the products we use. The store aisles are full of items claiming to be natural yet if you read the fine print you'll see that they are far from being so. 

While we are past the diaper stage, that doesn't mean my need for "baby" products has vanished. One item I find myself reaching for day after day are baby wipes. From cleaning hands and faces to wiping away craft messes to keeping ourselves tidy at lunch, we are always in need of a wipe (or 2 or 3). So when I learned about WaterWipes I knew I had found the perfect natural wipe worthy of being used on our son.

Why are WaterWipes such pure natural wipes? And why should you use them on your children?
  1. As a chemical-free wipe, WaterWipes contains just 2 ingredients: 99.9% pure Irish water and 0.1% grapefruit seed extract.
  2. These durable and effective wipes gives you peace of mind knowing you are using a wipe that is more safe and natural than others on the market, giving you a true clean minus harmful chemicals.  
Where can you purchase these one-of-a-kind pure wipes?
Check the full retailer list HERE for a location near you. We picked ours up while running errands are our local Babies R Us store. We popped in, grabbed our wipes and was out within 10 minutes. 

I am sure you are wondering if these wipes work seeing as they are made of just 2 ingredients. I have put them to the test for you so that I was able to give you a full honest review. Connor is all boy, totally messy. I've used them on his hands and face after mealtime along with using them to clean up the aftermath of his craft time "masterpiece". I've used them on myself after applying sunscreen to clean up my hands and nails. Each and every time we've reach for a WaterWipes, they have held up to the tough job of getting things clean. Which makes my OCD heart happy.

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As parents we are constantly wanting the very best for our children -- nutrition, schools, friends, classes and activities and the list goes on and on. One thing you shouldn't be agonizing over is if the wipes you are using are full of unnecessary chemicals. WaterWipes makes choosing the best wipe for your child simple. It's the easy natural choice. 

Happy Friday, friends!

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