Thursday, August 11, 2016

Summer 2016: Favorite Moments & Photos

Summer is coming to an end for Casa de Cox. Connor starts school in a little over 2 weeks. While I am really looking forward to the school year and the growth Connor will experience, I'm mostly looking forward to what a new school year brings with it: FALL! But before I usher in all things pumpkin, football and birthdays, I think I should show a little respect to Summer and share our favorite moments and photos from Summer 2016.

Summer is my least favorite season. I even prefer cold and snowy Ohio winters to hot and humid Summer days BUT I think that this Summer was the best we've had in a while. Overall I think we did more as a family, individually and made the Summer one of our bests as a family of 3. Here are some of my favorite photos from June to now.

If I were to summarize Summer 2016 this is what I would say about our second summer home from ATX ... full of days with friends and nights as a family. Plenty of afternoons spent in the water with an equal amount of times spent at home relaxing. Weekends filled with family time with a side of date nights and girls weekend. We played at parks, board games at home and caught our fair share of Pokemon. We traveled and visited friends, we celebrated holidays, anniversaries and birthdays. We slept in and slept hard.

We made memories that can never ever be replaced.
How was your Summer? Share with me a few of the highlights. 

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