Thursday, August 4, 2016

My Month in Numbers -- July 2016

Happy Friday Eve, friends! Today I am recapping July's moments with a "My Month In Numbers" post. I love sharing a bit of our month with this post. So many little things happen that are fun to share that this type of post is perfect to do so. So here is a look back on some randomness that was July 2016.

Number of swim lessons completed in July. Connor is making so much progress and I can't wait to see how this week ends. Prayers and positive thoughts that he finishes strong and passes level 1.

Number of pages read in last month's books. Full reviews can be found HERE.

Number of concerts attended last month: Dave Matthews, Coldplay and MY2K Tour. 

Number of episodes left until I am done with Gilmore Girls. Then it's "hurry up and wait" until the relaunch that's scheduled for November 25. Happy Thanksgiving to me!

Number of miles put on my car during our girls weekend. 

Number of days until we head South for our family vacation. Location has yet to be determined but regardless of where we stay, I can not wait to spend a week making memories with my main men.

Number of days Connor slept through the night. I can honestly say that there is NOTHING we can do to get him to sleep all night long. He simply wakes up and crawls in bed with us. Half the time I don't even know he is next to me until I wake up in the AM. 

Number of days till Christmas. Yup, just had to throw that out there the first week of August. You're welcome.

July wasn't my best month but looking back on it now, it's safe to say it wasn't too bad after all. How'd July treat you?

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