Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Love Your First Selfie -- SELFIE CHALLENGE

How many times do you think you take a selfie before you land on the one you'll actually share? 

Last week, I read A Welder's Wife post titled Selfie Challenge: Love Yourself on the First Take. Erin goes on to share stats and figures on all things selfies. Some that stuck out to me where that people spend approximately 16 minutes on each selfie session. And in case you are wondering the average person takes 7 selfies before they find "the one".

Erin's post got me thinking. When did we stop loving ourselves, flaws, imperfections and all? More times than not, I only share a selfie to show off something... not exactly me but something in the photo. For example, this weekend I colored my hair a new dark Fall color and shared the change with a selfie. The time before that was over a month ago when I was geeking out over a pretty barn I discovered. My selfie game isn't strong. Why? Because I don't need a selfie when I can share the spotlight with my cute sidekick. It's safe to say I feel most comfortable sharing the limelight with my guys.

But the point of the Erin's challenge is to LOVE YOURSELF on the first take. How easy should this be? Since becoming a mother the need for vanity has gone out the window. While I do take time to do my hair and makeup from time to time, there are often days that I don't had a single stitch of makeup to my face. This is growth for me. I was once called pizza face by someone that meant the world to me so my skin and my appearance as been something of a struggle. As I've grown and conquered acne, I've learned to love myself. Imperfections included. And so should you.

Will you join me for the Selfie Challenge?

This challenge is the simplest photo challenge in all of Instagram. It's just one take, one photo. Here are the steps: 
  1. Take a selfie.
  2. Post that selfie to Instagram {no second tries!}
  3. In the caption write, "I was challenged by @awelderswife_erin to post the first selfie I took and here are the 3 things I like about this photo. 1) ... 2) ... 3) ...
  4. Tag @stephaniecox11 as well so I can see your photo and show some love. 
  5. Use #ilovemyfirstselfie in your photo
Search the hashtag above to find others that are participating in this selfie love challenge. Let's take this chance to encourage one another and show kindness towards people willing to share their true colors in an unfiltered first snap. Your simple words could brighten someone's day. 

Easy enough right? I'd love for you to join me. And because I want you to know that the first selfie is the best, here is mine.

1) I love the pop of my eyes thanks to my new darker hair.
2) I see more of Connor in me the more he grows. Specifically our mouth, checks and nose. 
3) My confidence to go with little to no make-up has grown, allowing me to feel truly comfortable in my own skin.

With wet hair and a naked face, this is typically what I look like when James walks through the door at 5:30-6. Some days I've done by hair and makeup but this photo was snapped at 3:45, after a day of to dos. I had went to the gym, meet friends for a park play date and then cleaned house. I'm wearing a Old Navy v-neck shirt and flannel pajama pants. This is my typical OOTD.

This is real Stephanie. Nothing edited. No filters. Just me. And the one and only selfie of the day. Because sometimes, it's good to love your first selfie, friends. Now it's your turn! Snap a photo and share with us. I want to hear the things you and others love about yourself most.

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