Wednesday, August 3, 2016

July Recap -- August Goals

Full confession: July was not my friend. I had a rough month. I don't know what it was about last month but I just could not find my groove. I could blame it on a variety of things but the bottom line is, July just sucked. But it's now August and I plan to really get my act together this month so with that in mind, let's take a look at July's recap and August's goals. 

Here is what we accomplished from last month's list
Watch a movie outside
Spend an evening playing at Riverscape
Create images for upcoming posts
Comment and mingle more on Instagram
Practice spelling Connor and scissor use
Visit 2 new parks/splash pads 
Use my DSLR more - take real, quality photos

I am pleasantly surprised that I only missed 5 of my goals last month. Some were so easy to accomplish yet I failed at pushing myself to meet them. I was able to get 23 miles in last month but my goal was 30 so I plan to stick to that as my August goal. While we rocked scissor use and spelling Connor, we slacked at crafts. But I am excited about the fact that I've been using my DSLR more. I did an entire post dedicated to the photos I took of CJ at Riverscape one evening. I guess it's safe to say that if anything went right in July, it was my goals (and my girls weekend).

Attend a local festival or fair
Start attending church (again!!)

Simplify daily to-do list
Schedule 5-7 posts for September

Walk/Jog/Run 30 miles in August 
Cut back on junk food - soda, dining out, empty calorie snacks and carbs

Date my Mister
Plan a girl date with Kari

Complete one craft a week with C
Visit Boonshoft

Create artwork gallery wall in playroom
Start prepping for Fall decorations

Before someone calls me out, yes that says Fall. I'm the most basic of basic white girls and Fall is my J-A-M. But with school right around the corner my goal in August is to finish the Summer out strong. Along with this list of goals, I hope to finish up our Summer Bucket List, too. We have just a few things left and I'd like to enjoy those before Labor Day.

Are you still focused on your new years goals? I know that by now they seem a bit boring and bothersome but I love pushing myself to do more, experience more in a single month. If you are still plugging away at the goals you set for yourself in January or even those that are month to month, let me know! I'd love to check in with you this month.

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