Friday, August 12, 2016

Friday Favs: Birthday Decisions, Olympics and Soccer

Hello, Friday! I've missed you old friend. For some reason, this week has moved at a snail's pace. Not that we have a lot going on this week -- we plan to take it easy and do as little as possible #winning. But on Wednesday and Thursday were the longest days ever so needless to say, I'm excited for Friday and the weekend. CJ and I are running errands today, having lunch with Pappi and then the three of us are going to do some major vegging out this weekend. Here is a recap of this week's post and what's been going on at Casa de Cox this week.

Here are this week's posts:


Connor has picked his birthday theme. As much as it saddens me, he picked Pokemon. While the whole world is Pokemon Go crazy, CJ simply enjoys the cartoon he discovered on Netflix. Lucky for me, his birthday venue allows very little in the way of creative space to decorate so I think I'll be able to pull of a Pokemon themed party without crying about how my 4 year picked such a (boring!!) theme. I would have been okay with ANYTHING else. But hey... it's his birthday, right?

Connor starts soccer on the 20th and we went last week to get his shin guards and socks. Nothing breaks a Momma's heart like shopping for sporting goods for your baby. He is so tiny that the socks come up to his hips when pulled completely up. We even got him a pair of Umbro shorts. #idie I hope he loves the camp and continues to grow physically. I've noticed that since swim lessons, he is confidence in his physical abilities have grown. Funny how that happens when Momma and Pappi aren't doing all the work for him.

Speaking of sports, while watching the Olympics this week, I was often struck by how much time and dedication the PARENTS had to give during this journey, particularly Michael Phelp's mom. Phelps' parents divorced when he was 9 and his mom raised 3 kids on her teacher's salary. She mentioned once in a interview that she had 3 kids in 3 different pools practicing, doing something they loved. She just juggled and balanced the best she could. It blows my mind how amazing these athletes are but even more so how much the parents sacrifice to see their children live out their dreams.

I am not trying to rush August BUT I can't wait for September thru December. We have so many plans that I am just really eager to enjoy them. From our beach vacation in September to birthday in October and November to Fall festivals and holidays, there is just so much to enjoy during the Fall months. The only downside of cooler temps is allergy season but I'm hoping we've got a great plan that will ease those pains this year.

Like I mentioned before our weekend plans are too keep things pretty low-key. We've been so busy and our weekends are going to get every busier with soccer so this is our last weekend to chill and relax. I see lots of reading, binge watching Homeland and some crafts and painting with Connor. Hope your weekend is pure perfection, too!

Happy Friday, friends!

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