Friday, August 19, 2016

Friday Favs: Babies, Target and Gym Time

Happy Friday, friends. I've been looking forward today all week. While it's obvious why (FriYAY anybody?), it's mostly because we have NO PLANS for today. Connor J and I are going to hang out around the house, hopefully staying in our pajamas all day. Sometimes a day of NOTHING is exactly that I need so I've claimed today as the day of nothing for our household. Here is a recap of our week and a few thoughts and such.

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This boy. I love him big. I love him fierce. Being his Momma is the absolute best part of me. But can we please just chill for a bit? His energy level is through the roof and I can't seem to exhaust him the way he exhausts me/us. He goes, goes and goes. Doesn't nap and would stay up all night if we let him. I'm hoping that with preschool, MOPS and AWANA, I'll wear him out and everyone will get the sleep we've been missing out on (you know since he still wakes up at least once a night!).

My love of Target runs as deep as any other SAHM's love. I mean, just this week, I dedicated an entire post to what you can buy for just $10. However, I have set a goal to visit and shop the store less. I usually go through this stage of feeling less than impressed with what they have to offer and while my favorite seasons are right around the corner, I don't need anymore stuff. Like others, I can go to pick up bananas and milk and walkout with a $100 bill and have forgotten my bananas and milk. With the holidays fast approaching, I know that I will be tempted to buy more than I should so to keep that under control I'm going to give Target up again. I did it once before for 90+ days so here goes nothing...


Doesn't this picture just melt your heart? Connor and Baby Bear have been inseparable lately and while I can see Connor being the greatest of big brothers, I just don't see it ever happening. I've been very vocal about how I feel as if our family is complete but sometimes, I catch moments like these and think how sweet it would be to see Connor with a sibling. But that thought is short lived and I am truly confident that our family of 3 is complete. If anything the older Connor gets, the more I know that I could never handle being a Momma to an infant again.

We have joined a new to us gym. We went back and forth with which one to join, if we should put one in our basement for the chance to workout at home, for free. We've been members of the YMCA previously and I wasn't a fan of their childcare hours (very limited) and it was always so packed because of those hours. I loved the idea of joining our local rec center but the location doesn't work with James's schedule. We landed on one that includes a women's only gym in the network our membership is good with and I'm really looking forward to spending my mornings there. They offer 75+ classes and have all day childcare. So here is to hoping that we can keep the holiday gain at bay with solid workouts and a cleaner diet.

Our week was again filled with plans with friends, days running errands and a few evenings spent outdoors. With school just 10 days away, we are trying to pack a ton of fun into what little bit of Summer we have left. I can promise you 2 months from now, life will be less packed. Or maybe not. You never really know when you are a parent of a toddler!

Happy weekend! 

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