Monday, August 8, 2016

Favorite Fonts: Back to School Edition

Last week I shared with you our annual Back to School linkup which means it's now time to share with you my favorite back to school fonts. My love of fonts run deep. I love finding new ones to create seasonal printables with, to use on party invites and Christmas cards. Not only are the options fun and creative but it's so simple to download new fresh fonts each time you need/want one. I've shared with you my favorite Springtime fonts along with my Summer fonts picks. Today is all about academics and the fun fonts that come with going back to school.

Downloading is super easy, too! Follow the links above to download. Save to your computer. Once you've downloaded your choices, you'll need to restart your computer. Once we restart you can instantly put these pretty script fonts to use on your blog and images. Additionally, what I love about adding new fonts to my collection is that they work in Word and PicMonkey, which are my top two (free) blogger tools.

Which is your favorite? I am partial to KB Kinder Write and Lunch Text.
Happy downloading, font lovers! 

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