Wednesday, August 17, 2016

A Typical Tuesday -- DITL Summer Edition

I don't often share weekend recaps, currently or day in the life posts. Not that I'm opposed to them. I am just really bad about taking photos. If you follow me on Instagram, I usually post 2-3 photos a day and then go MIA on the weekend. I just stink at photographing our days when we are busy. But I gave myself the goal of putting together a day in the life post and finally made the effort to snap photos and do so. Last week we had a busy day and I figured that would be the best chance to get in a lot of photos for a DITL post. So here it is... a typical busy Tuesday with the Cox family.

Connor and I don't rush in the AM. Because there is plenty of that when school starts, we've really taken the Summer easy on wake-ups. We wake around 7:30 and have breakfast, shower (me), get ready, straighten up our bedrooms (make the beds) and on this particular day pack our lunch since we are going to be gone during lunch time. We are in the car at 9:30 to run an errand before meeting friends.

We spent nearly 3 hours at the children's museum. Our friends from Columbus drove down to spend the morning with us. This was the first time Connor's been to Boonshoft. It's a great place and Connor loved it. We could easily spend 4-5 hours there. We plan on going back once school starts and we have a "free" day.

We got home from Boonshoft and had about 45 minutes before we had to be at an afternoon class, Creek Exploration, I signed Connor up for. I gave Connor a snack and let him have some iPad time while I watched Mistressess. I wanted to use this time for him to relax a bit since we were going to be outside for a while in the afternoon.

We loved Creek Exploration! Connor caught a craw dad and we were covered in mud so we went to a local garden to clean up and splash around in the clean water a bit before heading home. Once we got home, Connor played for a bit while I did some blogging. This is our quiet time for the day. It lasts for about 90 minutes total. Connor is getting so good at playing for longer periods of time (praise you Jesus!).

Play time is over and we are going to head out to dinner and this is the aftermath of playing for 90 minutes. Not too bad considering he used to wreck the entire living room. Obviously we are making progress.

My brother was in town for one last night together before he moves south for his Masters program. To celebrate his move, we got dinner at Sake, a Japanese steak house. I love their food and this was the first time Connor's been. While he loved the entertainment of preparing the food, he didn't show much interest in eating any of the meal itself. Kids! (insert eye roll)

After dinner, we headed down to our favorite park near the river and hunted for Pokemon. James and Connor mostly. My brother was amazed by how many people were on the hunt for them at Riverscape. Prior to the Pokemon sensation the place would have been deserted. But now that Pokemon has made America move again, it's full of people all the time.

We got home just in time to see Michael Phelps kick ass. We also watched the US gymnastics team tumble their way to gold. I stayed up way too late watching the Olympics but it was totally worth it. And it only happens every 4 Summers so I can be tired if it means I get to watch history happen!

And there you have it. That's what a day in the life of James, Stephanie and Connor is like. This particular Tuesday was a little busier than usual because Connor is taking part of a metro parks program. As Summer ends, I can see how spending more time outdoors when the weather is a bit more enjoyable. Maybe I'll set a new goal to share a Fall day with you all later this year!

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