Tuesday, August 9, 2016

10 Etsy Gifts For The Bookworm In Your Life


If you've been reading our blog for a while, you know my love of reading runs deep. I can't explain how much joy I get out of finishing a novel or even cracking open a brand new book straight off the bookstore shelf. I've been reading like this my entire life. My earliest memories where reading the Bernstein Bears. I then moved on the R.L. Stine and when I was in high school, devoured every single V.C. Andrews book I could get my hands on.

Now that I'm a Momma my reading has slowed a bit but I don't let life and responsibilities take reading out completely. On average I read 2-3 books a month. I read during quiet time, before Connor is up in the AM or once he has gone down at night. When James is traveling for week, I often spend 1-2 hours a night reading. Because reading is something I love, I make time for it.

In honor of National Book Lovers Day I've put together 10 gift ideas from Etsy that would please any bookworm who may receive them. Keep this list on hand for birthdays, anniversaries and Christmas (it's right around the corner after all).

Paired with coffee, tea or hot chocolate this is the perfect way to stir your drink while you read.

I don't need another bag BUT this one is perfect for trips to the book store and library. And also... never judge a book based on a horrible movie remake. The books are always better. Always. 

Wear your love of books for all to see. And I'm pretty sure I qualify for professional status. 

I'd love to have this in a keychain. I don't wear of ton of jewelry but this would be just as cute as a necklace. Either would make perfect gifts for your book lovin' giftee.

When my love of coffee mugs meets my love of books, I know I need to make this purchase. But also? Why not let your mug be the rude one, right?

I am still very  much old school and prefer paperbacks so of course a cute bookmark is a must. And I love that it's stamped on a spoon. It's ties in well with the mug and the spoon above.

This quote couldn't be more me! My bookshelf currently has 20+ books and I feel like I'm always adding to it. Maybe one day I'll get them all read BUT until then, I'll prop this print up on my bookshelf. 

The moment I discovered this, I knew it was a must! With Fall around the corner scarves will be making their way to my neck ASAP. This one combines my love of reading and scarves; complete perfection. 

I may or may not have begged for this myself when I discovered it. I love the old school themed of the library card. I still may splurge on this for myself.

These candles come in different book themes plus great scents. Light a candle, cuddle up with a good book under a soft blanket. Really, I'm thinking of a cool Fall morning when I put this together.

The only question that remains is which gift do you plan to give? My top 3 favorites are the phone case, the coffee mug and the tote bag. For this items and more, just search "book lover" on Etsy. The gifting options are endless!

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