Monday, August 15, 2016

$10 at Target: My Make-up Solution

For this months $10 at Target, I was on a mission when visiting "heaven on Earth". I wanted a solution to my disorganized make-up. Since joining Ispy, I've been getting 5 new make-up items a month and they were starting to pile up with little to no order. Because I knew I needed to stick within my $10 budget I had to be smart with my picks. With a bit of brainstorming and creative thinking, I solved my make-up problem and was able to treat myself to a new drink. Let me show you...

Stick with me on this. Obviously the chai latte k-cups aren't going to help me with my make-up dilemma but they were tasty and got me to my $10 mark. So this divided case is one that I've used in the past to organize Connor's small figurines and their weapons and accessories. The white cups were a last minute thought but worked out well. Once I got home, here is out these purchase played out.

PERFECTION, right? I love how easily this solution came together for me. All my makeup is in the case, the cups hold my mascaras, eyeliners and brushes and all 3 items fit perfectly below the sink in the bathroom. When I traveled to Chicago, I simply put the contents of the cups in a make-up bag and packed both the case and the bag in my weekender. Easy peasy!

Now it's your turn. Join us and share the goodies you grabbed this month at Target. 

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