Wednesday, July 20, 2016

The Perfect Gift for the Uncommon Occasion

This shop has been compensated by UncommonGoods. All opinions are mine alone.

In September, I'll be celebrating my 6 year Friendiversary with my best friend, Kari. Because we are complete nerds, we usually plan a girls night out with dinner, a movie and to exchange gifts. Kari and I meet through work and have been best friends since we discovered our love of Pizza Hut and Mt. Dew. Don't worry, we both have kicked those habits. But one thing we haven't kicked is our friendship. We've been through it all together: the loss of love ones, my engagement and wedding, us both having babies and a move half-way cross the country. Our friendship as weathered it all and I can't imagine growing old with any other gal then her.

To show her how much I love and appreciate her, I've been doing some shopping, looking for the perfect gift to celebrate our 6 year milestone. I've discovered the best online shop for uncommon gifts and can't wait to present her with what I think is the perfect gift for her/our friendship. If you are looking for a gift for that special gal in your life - mother, wife, sister, aunt, friend, you name it - look no further than UncommonGoods.

I love giving gifts that have a special meaning behind the item. Be it something I know a friend would love or something that tells a bit of story, I want to give something that I would be proud to receive. I also like the idea of gifting jewelry. I wear my favorite pieces daily and think that if I picked the right gift, a new piece of jewelry could easily become a staple piece in any women's collection. Here are just 3 of the many items I have on my "wish list" for Kari.

Gift idea number ONE: Custom State Necklaces
Living in a military town, I've meet so many ladies that are from out of state. What better way for her to have a bit of home with her than with a necklace that pays homeage to her favorite zip code. This sterling silver and diamond pendant is the perfect way for Kari to wear her love of Oklahoma proudly. Minimalist jewelry is always my go to as I want it to be something my giftee can wear time and time again. Here are additional necklaces to consider as well.

Gift Idea number TWO: Friendship Inspirational Pendant

This reversible sterling necklace is a favorite of mine. The quote is what got me: "friendship the best mirror is an old friend". Kari and I met when we were in our mid-twenties and while we haven't been lifelong friends, I know that in 15-20 years from now, we will look back on so many amazing milestones that we've shared together. A beautiful piece of jewelry quickly displays such friendship.

Gift idea number THREE: Parent Nestling Necklaces 

I think I can speak for most women when I say that their roles as a wife and mother are amongst their proudest. The same can be said for Kari. She waited so long to have her daughter and through the ups and downs of life, she has her sweet girl Macie. I've spoke of her often on my blog. Kari is honored to be a wife and a momma. What better way to show that love than with a beautiful necklace, displaying her flock?

UncommondGoods has amazing pieces of work. One of a kind pieces created by artists local to Brooklyn, where the bulk of all items on their site is made by hand, meaning you are truly getting an item that was made in America. UncommondGoods always gives back. You shop, they donate. As an independently-owned business, they have the freedom to support causes they believe in. Through their Better to Give program, they have donated over $1,000,000 in just 12 years. With every purchase you make, they donate $1 to a Better to Give partner of your choice.

With September only 2 months away, I have to make a decision and pick which gift I want to give Kari this year. What do you think? Should I got with gift number 1, 2 or 3?

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