Thursday, July 7, 2016

Our Wish For You

I want to be the Mom that captures too much. That always has her camera with her, always behind the lens. I want our son to have a chance to relive his childhood through photos. Photos that capture moments that can't be duplicated or replaced.

I want to capture his personality in a single shot that reminds him the he was once someone's baby. I want to share a moment in time that he may not remember but we will never forget.

I want to recall Summer nights spent with Pappa and Momma, just the 3 of us, before he became too cool for his parents. Moments of simplicity. A boy and a splash pad.

I want to share with him how uncomplicated and easy life can be if you let it. How every day moments are the ones that matter. How making memories doesn't have to cost a fortune. That it is truly the littlest of things that can bring you joy.

As he grows and discovers who he is, becomes the man we've prayed for him to be, I hope he remembers our love. Our support. Our desires. Our plans. All stem from a place of love, dedication and pride.

I hope, I pray, I wish that every day is magical in one way or another. That he has a childhood that he is proud of. One that he remembers being filled with nothing but happiness. That he knows our love runs deep and true. That it always has and always will.

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