Monday, July 4, 2016

My Month in Numbers -- June 2016

Happy July 4th! To kick of the week, I am recapping June's moments with a "My Month In Numbers" post. I love sharing a bit of our month with this post. So many little things happen that are fun to share that this type of post is perfect to do so. So here is a look back on some randomness that was June 2016.

day until Connor starts school. I am not exactly counting down but I can't believe how fast this Summer is moving. School starts NEXT MONTH. When will someone invent the ability to stop time?

The number of times we visited the library in June. I've been checking out DVDs for C to watch since we don't have cable and his has mentioned wanting to watch certain shows on Nick Jr. It's the best way to watch his favorite shows for free.

The number of miles I got in, in June. My goal was 20 and I did it in 3 weeks since we were out of commission for an entire week.

The number of files I deleted from my computer in one single month. Am I the only one who saves and saves images and such on their computer to discover that they have far too much "extra" and need to purge?

The number of books on my bookshelf begging to be read. I wish I had more time to read but life is busy and extra time is hard to come by. I mean, I have 20+ episodes of Gilmore Girls to watch. #priorities

The number of days I have to cherish and to hold onto so tightly before Connor turns 4. How are we 3ish months away from being parent to a 4 year old?

The number of seasons I have left of Gilmore Girls to watch, which is all of season 7, the FINAL season. If I got MIA, you know why.

The highest fever we dealt with during C's week of epic sickness. I hope that was enough for to last us the rest of the year.

Days until I'm on a girls trip with friends. The open road, loud music, lots of food, no set bedtime. It's really the best way to spend 3 days.

How was June? What was the highlight of your month?

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