Tuesday, July 12, 2016

My Favorite Things: Paper, Pens and Tape

When Sarah and Jess announced their "Favorite Things" swap, I signed up for two reasons: snail mail and a chance to share my obsession of office supplies with others. The moment the swap was shared, I knew exactly what I would be spending my partners. If there is one thing that I have a total weakness for, it's office supplies. You name it, I love it: pens, pencils, notebooks, tape, staplers, washi tape, folders, binders. Nothing found at Staples or Office Max is not loved by me. It's ridiculous really considering I am a SAHM with little to no real need for office supplies. That doesn't stop me from shopping both stores all too frequently though. #sadbuttrue Here is a look at the items I sent to my swap partners Sarah from Seeing All Sides and Paige with New Momma Notes.

Each lady received a notebook, 2 Sharpie pens and a roll of washi tape. I love these Sharpie pens and use them on everything. Washi tape is a new obsession and I am constantly adding it to letters, my planner, crafts with C and just about anything that needs taped. I always have a notebook on hand in case I need to create a list or need to keep Connor's hands busy for a bit.

While I don't know if Sarah and Paige have a deep love of pens, paper and tape like I do, I know this little gift is one that can be used by any busy Momma. Share with me your favorite things. If you had $10 to spend, what would you bring to a favorite things swap party?

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