Tuesday, July 5, 2016

June Recap -- July Goals

June was such a busy month that I didn't even think of my goals until mid-month, much too late to achieve them all. But that's okay because I did really well this month since the goals were "easy". I nearly finished each category completely. As busy as Summer is, I plan to take a bit of a break from so many to dos. With that in mind, here is the progress I made along with the goals I'd like to see us achieve in July.

Here is what we accomplished from last month's list
Go camping
Have a picnic at the park
Start attending church again
Get ahead by writing and scheduling posts
Update the "About The Family" page on WMM
Plan Back to School Linkup 
Walk/Jog/Run 20 miles in June
Stock the fridge with 5-7 freezer meals
Starting June 1, set alarm and get up at 6AM
Sign up for metro-park classes
Have one Friday Fun Day with friends
Finish master bedroom decor
Hang Connor's US Map

I only missed 5 goals! I am fairly certain this is the best month yet. It only took 6 months to get my act together and really cross things off my list. My biggest achievement was getting up early. With the exception of the week Connor was sick, I was up, moving and planning our day and it worked so well with our lives. I'm going to add the 5 that I missed to my list for July, adding a just a few more. I usually have 18 goals in each area but this month, I'm going to focus on two in each instead, for a total of 14. Give myself a bit of a Summer break so to speak. 

Watch a movie outside
Spend an evening playing at Riverscape

Create images for upcoming posts
Comment and mingle more on Instagram

Cut out soda - drink ALL water
Walk/Jog/Run 30 miles in July

Date my Mister
Complete one craft a week with C

Practice spelling Connor and scissor use
Visit 2 new parks/splash pads 
Create artwork gallery wall in playroom
Use my DSLR more - take real, quality photos

Dating my Mister is a hard one, y'all. We have had plans multiple times and something comes up, leaving date night no longer an option. I am thinking we need at home dates to make this goal happen. Another one is crafting and practicing spelling and scissor use. For disclosure, I haven't even tried so that needs work. If you have simple crafts, please send them my way. I need quick and easy. I'm hoping for one a week in July.

Are you still focused on your new years goals? I know that by now they seem a bit boring and bothersome but I love pushing myself to do more, experience more in a single month. If you are still plugging away at the goals you set for yourself in January or even those that are month to month, let me know! I'd love to check in with you this month


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