Wednesday, July 13, 2016

July's TKBTB with Connor

Welcome to July's The Kids Behind The Blog linkup. Thank you to everyone that shared their little ones with us last month. If you are new to the linkup, you can get all the details in THIS POST but the gist of it is for us mom bloggers to give some spotlight to our littlest loves, the ones that made us mothers. Each month you will ask your little one(s) a handful of questions that the TKBTB hosts provide and than share those answers with us in a link-up post the second Wednesday of each month. Simple enough, right? 

Well usually it is but this month was tough. It took me 6 days to ask Connor 5 simple questions. It's like he knew I "needed" the answers because he said no to more than one of them. I was forced to get tricky with him and use some creative speaking skills to complete this post. I hope you enjoy it because, it was a hard fight ;) Without any more delay, here is my Q&A with Connor J.

  1. What two things do you like to do outside in the Summer? Play with Harry and my water table.
  2. If you could go anywhere this Summer where would you go and why? To Page's House.I like watching him play Mario Maker. 
  3. What is your favorite thing about Summer? Going to parks with Papa at nighttime. 
  4. If you could pick any way to spend a hot Summer day, how would you spend it? I don't like hot. I like when my car seat is cold not hot. Going to the M&M park is fun. 
  5. What is your favorite Summer treat? Candy corn ice cream in chocolate. 

I am fairly certain the photo above is the PERFECT example of Connor being uninterested in anything I say or do. He has been less than impressed with me this week. Oh well... get used it it, Buzz. Momma ain't going anywhere. 

To clarify some of Connor's responses: Harry is the name of his sandbox. It's the shape of a turtle and he named it after a classmate. When he says he hates his car seat being hot, that is the biggest understatement. He freaks out if it's too hot in the car. I have to air it out, turn the air up and cool it down before buckling him in. The drama is thick with this one. The M&M park is a local park, Island Metro, where we had a M&M House Party play date. And he is obsessed with candy corn so he hasn't stopped talking about it since we found some at the Dollar Store. His go to ice cream flavor is chocolate. 

Here are August's questions -- dedicated to Back to School. Don't moan and groan... August is right around the corner and well, August means school. 

  1. What was your favorite thing you did over the summer? 
  2. What's your favorite topic to learn about at school?
  3. Who is your best friend from school?
  4. What do you want to be when you grow up?
  5. What is your least favorite thing about school?

Grab our button and join us this month and next (August 10) with the cute, sassiness that is life with a child. You never know what will come out of a little person's mouth and we would love it if you shared such gems with us.

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