Friday, July 8, 2016

Friday Favs: Friends, Scissors and Date Night

Happy Friday friends! This week has been so busy but in the best of ways possible. We had an extra day with Mister, play dates with friends and mornings spent lounging. It's been both parts busy and laid back. Which is my kind of week. We are moving into the warm days of Summer so our calendar is about to be packed full of mornings at the pool (starting with this Monday!) and afternoons at home. But here is a few highlights from our week.

Here are this week's posts...
Thursday - Our Wish To You


Our 4th of July weekend was a rainy one but we did get one nice day so we soaked up every minute of it. We played with friends, watched fireworks, took photos and made memories. Connor really enjoyed the fireworks this year and at one point screamed "Happy New Year!" I had no clue he even knew what New Years was. He also called the grand finale the "grandma" finale. His humor is so refreshing, especially when he doesn't even know he is being funny. The traffic after the fireworks is always horrid so we've made a tradition of going grocery shopping afterwards since we park in the grocery store parking lot. It's the most random way to pick up what you need but it kills the time you'd could be wasting in traffic.

Connor has 2 birthday parties next Saturday. One is 90 minutes north of us at 10:30 in the AM. The second is at 2 and is closer to home. We will be gone from about 9-5 just celebrating his friends. I was going to skip the second party but he saw the invitation and asked what it was. I didn't want to lie so when I told him, he instantly jumped for joy (literally). Good thing this kid is cute and I enjoy seeing him happy because we are going to have a long, long day next week.


I finally found the courage to start working with Connor on his scissor use. He has very little interest in the activity but so many of his schoolmates can use them already, I figured it was time for us to pick up the skill. He quit about 3 times but we finished cutting out pieces to a train from our scissor skills book after about 20 minutes. He then glued his train together (which went so much smoother than the cutting) and we are displaying his first piece of "I cut that myself" artwork in my office. You can see the finish project HERE on Instagram. 

James and I sneaked off for a date last evening. My brother, Chet, is in town and crashed at our house so after we put Connor to bed, we went out for a late night date night to a movie. I thought it was a pretty genius idea since we don't really need a sitter - Connor was sleeping and Chet was, too. And CJ never knew we left the house. #parentWIN I think we will try this again in a few weeks. I love going to the movies and it's nice to not watch something animated. There isn't a whole lot you can do on a weeknight at 9PM but it's fun getting out with the Mister sans child.

I hope y'all had a great week.
Happy Weekend, friends!

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