Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Christmas in July Goodies

If you've been around for a while, you know my love of Christmas runs deep. Every year, I start celebrating on November 1, as a birthday gift to myself. We decorate, we listen to Christmas music, we bake cookies for friends, we go all out. So when I discovered some of my favorite bloggers had put together a Christmas in July box swap, you know I jumped on board!

We were lucky enough to have Liz from Chasin' Mason, one of the co-hosts, shopping for us and it's safe to say we were given such amazing goodies. Liz and I are bloggers turned real life friends so she knows Connor personally and you can tell she put so much thought into the items she sent him.

Connor squealed when he say the gifts from Liz. We instantly put the movie and Blaze truck to use during quiet time. Once we had enough batteries for our bubble machine, we shared the fun with some friends at a play date. The water balloons didn't last as nearly long as I had thought they would. Connor and his best gal, Macie had the time of their life with their first ever water balloon fight together.

Liz and Mason, THANK YOU for gifting us such fun summertime toys and activities. Connor has had a blast with the bubble machine and we've watched the Blaze movie more times than I can count!

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