Thursday, July 28, 2016

Chicago -- Food, Music and Friendship

This past weekend, I headed out of town with 2 of my girlfriends, Kristin and Tracy, for a girls only trip to Chicago. Tracy wanted to see Dave Matthews, Kris wanted to see Coldplay and I wanted to eat. Seriously. My main objective was to stuff myself with Chicago-style pizza. Spoiler alert: everyone left happy! Our trip was exactly what I needed. As a Mom, it's nice to just have adult time and that's exactly what I got for 3 solid days. It was pure heaven. I have so many photos to recap our weekend so I'll sum each day up and then share some of my favorite photos from our weekend.

We drove from Dayton to Noblesville, IN to stay at the Prairie Guest House. Our Saturday night plans were to see Dave Matthews Band. The drive from my house to the bed and breakfast was just under 2.5 hours so it was a really easy drive and we had plenty of time to unpack, grab dinner (healthy Mexican ... yes it's a thing. My Mexican rice had lima beans and green beans in it!), get ready for the concert and head over to the venue, Klipsch Music Center. Our bed and breakfast was adorable and I think everyone should experience staying at a B&B at sometime or another. This was my second time and it was so delightful. It was so hot Saturday evening with a heat wave and storm front moving in but Tracy and Kristin loved the show and I enjoyed the people watching. In case you were curious, I am not a fan of DMB and seeing him in concert didn't change that. #TeamJohnMayerforLIFE

We slept in, had the most amazing breakfast cooked for us at the B&B and then got ready to drive the second leg of our trip to Chicago. We drove about 3 more hours into downtown Chicago to check-in at our hotel, Mile North Hotel. The Coldplay concert was Sunday night so we had made plans to have dinner at RPM Italian (owned by Giuliana & Bill Rancic) beforehand. This is were my heart was made happy because #food. I devoured chicken parmesan and chocolate and almond cannoli. The moment we stepped into our Uber (my first experience; so much more enjoyable than a taxi), the skies opened up and we were "treated" to one heck of a thunderstorm. We were able to make it to Solider Field but had to take shelter in an underpass because the storm was so bad. The concert started late and only Coldplay performed. I have no clue who the opening acts were. Again, I'm not a huge fan of Coldplay but Chris Martin puts on such an awesome show that I sort of decided I'd give him a chance.

Sunday was my day. The girls got their concerts and all I wanted was a) to see Chicago and b) eat pizza before heading back home. Easy enough, right? We took an Uber to Millennial Park from our hotel and walked around a bit before stopping at The Bean and then heading to Navy Pier. At the Pier, we had lunch at Giordano's, home of the most amazing, belly filling stuffed pizza. The pizza was beyond tasty and is totally worth the 45-minute cook time. I will admit that both sights, the Bean and Pier, are very touristy but I liked seeing both as they are Windy City landmarks. We ended up walking up the Magnificent Mile back to our hotel and did a bit of window shopping. We hit the road around 4 and got home late Monday evening.

We filled our weekend and I loved every moment, well I could have done without the heat and the storm but wasn't really something we could have control anyway. Kristin and Tracy have been friends of mine for 16 and 11 years, respectively, and this was the perfect way for us to spend time together doing what we love. Road trips are so much fun to me so being able to chat and visit with friends while doing so is an added bonus.

Both Trace and Kris got a kick out of the amount of photos I would take and how I would stage certain things #bloggerproblems but I have to share with my selfies I snapped. I feel in the love with an old barn at the B&B and took a selfie in front of it and my selfie game just snowball from there. I'm not one to take many but I did this week anytime I found a new background that I liked. Here are my Chicago selfies (I promise I'm not vain!).

I'm home now, back to wearing my Momma hat. Hope y'all had a great weekend and that your week has been just as enjoyable. Happy Friday Eve!

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