Friday, July 15, 2016

Celebrating you, Rudy Cat

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Earlier this week, Connor asked me "Why doesn't Rudy get birthday presents?". Rudy is our cat, James and my first child. James gifted me Rudy our first Christmas together. He has been through a lot with us and while we love him, I never once thought to celebrate his birthday. I explained to Connor that cats don't really need presents because they don't understand birthdays like humans do. While he seemed to understand the logic behind my answer he quickly replied "let's get him a present!". Who am I to say no to a little one's plea to shower their only pet with a little extra attention? So celebrate we did!

We set off to the pet store to grab Rudy some (much belated) birthday gifts. While a cat's needs are fairly basic, I compiled a list of gift ideas for him and your fur baby should you need them:

cat treats
a new food and water bowls

new toys to chase
wet cat food (if he or she doesn't usually get treated to wet food, Rudy doesn't) 
cat bedding
cat perch or climbing toy
cat nip
cat themed placemat
a new collar
a grooming set

I gave Connor our budget and allowed him to shop for Rudy. He has such a generous heart and wanted to buy him all. the. toys. CJ even tried to pick out a dog outfit for Rudy and was a bit heartbroken when I explained a) Rudy wouldn't be down with that and b) it was for a dog. We left with our selection of hand picked by Connor gifts and assembled them in a small gift basket for our Rudy Cat.

And apparently we aren't the only ones that love a good party, designed for those with both 2 or 4 legs, because I recently discovered that Evite has an entire line of pet themed invitations. Cute, right? The options are adorable and really, who doesn't love a party? From dogs to cats to birds, the themes are beyond cute. Here are a few of my favorite feline invites.

I've now convince you to throw your cat or dog a birthday celebration haven't I? #sorryImnotsorry It was a ton of fun letting Connor spoil is fur buddy. The party isn't over; it's time for you to join in the fun. 

From June 26 to August 11, you can upload a photo of your pet being a Summer pawty animal to Evite's contest form or on social media (Twitter, Facebook and Instagram) for your chance to win a custom pet portrait and be featured on an Evite invitation. Be sure to use hashtag #PawtyPeople online so that your entry counts. And before I go, here are some of my favorite photos of Rudy that I'll be sharing in the photo contest.  

It wasn't until I went looking for photos that I realize how good of a life Rudy has. He spends his days sleeping. Oh I wish I could sleep like him! Out of 8 photos, he is only awake in 3. Rough life, right?

Happy Friday friends! 

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