Monday, July 18, 2016

Because #TargetMadeMeDoIt

When shopping for this month's $10 at Target goodies, I decided to stick with my go-to section of the store: THE DOLLAR SPOT. And for the first time ever, I can honestly blame Target for this month's purchases. Not only are they something that won't get a ton of use but they weren't exactly made with a SAHM in mind. If anything, I think Target was hoping they'd win points with teachers. Here is what I picked up with this month's $10 at Target budget.

Never in my life have I thought I need to decorate for back to school but good ol' Target applied of a bit of Dollar Spot pressure and in true Stephanie fashion, I caved. While I think that these items are meant for a classroom setting, I am awfully proud of how I found a home from in Casa de Cox.

Cute, right? Now, I know I didn't need any of these items this month so I'm really going to focus on being practical next month with my purchases. Now, let me see what you scored this month. Share your Target goodies in our link-up below.

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