Wednesday, June 15, 2016

What's On My SUMMER Watch List

In our home, we have "Mommy or Daddy TV" and "Connor shows". If I'm being honest, the TV distribution goes a little something like this: Connor - 60%, James 30%, Me 10%. While Connor isn't glued to the TV day in and day out, when it's on during the day (think 9-6) it's usually something kid-friendly. But every once in a while, I am lucky enough to be in control of what we watch and when I am, you'll find one of this shows on my watch list.

House Hunters
I've shared my love of this show before but seeing people find and discover their forever home is such a fun show to watch. It's also given me tons of "wish list" wants for when we buy our next home.

The Real Housewives of New Jersey
Judge away but I LOVE this show. I have a pretty drama free life so watching the chaos that is this cast makes me enjoy my simple way of living. My favorite housewife is no longer on the show (Caroline) but I will still watch.

This is one of those shows that if it was cancelled, I'd be okay living without. It's a good summer series, not too heavy and not one that you'd get emotionally attached to. The story line is a bit far fetched sometimes but it's a good show to veg out to. 

Gilmore Girls
I am so close to wrapping up this series. I'm on Season 6 Episode 15. My goal is to finish it time to see the new series on Netflix this Fall. In case anyone was wondering, I'm #TeamLogan.

Brother vs Brother
I love the Scott brothers and watch every show I can. I love home renovation shows and this competition between brothers is really fun to watch. And for as long as I've watched their shows, I can't pick a brother I like most. I love them both equally.

The Bachelorette
This is the first year I've watched this series and holy smokes the drama is deep. I find myself laughing because I can't help but think "is this for real?". If you've watched this year, you know all about Chad and I have to admit, I love him. He brings drama and is over the top and maybe even a bit psycho, which I get a kick out of. I'm a little sad to see him go.

Big Brother
I didn't watch last year but plan to pick back up this year. My favorite part of the show is watching people lie about this or that. It's funny to me because we see it all unfold and yet they lie. It's fun being Big Brother to the house guests.

What summer shows do you watch? I usually watch the shows a day late because I use Apple TV and Hulu because we don't have cable. I sometimes buy full seasons after the fact from Amazon, too, but those are shows that I can watch over and over and get my monies worth.

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