Tuesday, June 7, 2016

What's In My Purse -- Prepare To Be Blown Away

There is no reason to sugar coat my obsession with being prepared and carrying all. the. things. where ever we go. It's borderline embarrassing really. But when Momfessioinals mentioned a what's inside purse post, I thought, here is my change to show the world how ridiculous I am. So enough yacking... here is what's inside my bag.

Before I show you the inside, I have to admit that this isn't as much as a purse as a large bag, that just might be a overnight bag or even one designed for day trips. But those are the purses that work for me. I need all the room for all our stuff. I got this quilted one from Target and it was on clearance so it's no longer available online so I can't share a link with you to shop from. Okay... you ready? Here is what's inside this gem.

Told you it was embarrassing. If you didn't know I was a Mom, all you'd have to do is peak inside my purse to see that I am totally 100% a Mom, a boy Mom at that. This is a week's worth of "living". I usually clean my purse out on Fridays but if not, it's always before church on Sunday -- gotta make room for my Bible. Here is a run down of what was being housed in my purse last week:

  • A wet bag with Connor's wet swim suit (this was used on Friday -- I haven't been walking around town with a wet suit all week!)
  • Library reading challenge info along with James's fishing license
  • A pair of Connor's shoes
  • A note from Macie to James
  • My wallet (that alone could be a whole post)
  • A slap bracelet from a festival
  • Connor's CatBoy mask
  • Car phone charger
  • Sunglasses holder
  • Superman, Batman and Wolverine figurines
  • Megan Trainor's newest CD
  • An American flag
  • Batman Sunglasses
  • My favorite Simply Made With Love water bottle

I also have 3 smaller bags - one is a full of snacks for C, another has allergy supplies (think tissues, boogie wipes, hand sanitizer, band-aids) and the stripped one is mine with girly toiletries like a brush, lip-gloss, a mirror, gum, feminine hygiene products, Advil, my Stress Away roller etc.

It's safe to say I am prepared for anything that comes our way. I hate not having something when we need it plus you have to prepared with a little one. I don't like having to stop and pay double, sometimes triple for something at a gas station. I just prepare for every situation known to man (I'm being a bit dramatic here, I know!) and we are good to go.

So while I should be embarrassed, and I am a bit, I can confidently say that I am the girl you wanna have on any road trip, visit the park, or life emergency. What's the most ridiculous thing I would find in your purse right now? I think the slap bracelet is the oddest, I mean, it's been since the late 90's since those were popular.

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