Tuesday, June 28, 2016

The Epic Virus of Summer 2016

A week ago today, Connor came down with a pretty high fever, 103.2 at 4AM. I quickly jumped into action, giving him medicine, diffusing Thieves and pumping him full of the liquids. Little did I know that this virus wasn't going to be kicked so easily.

Tuesday was off to a rough start, but as quickly as he woke up, got medicine and drank a bit of water, C went right back to sleep. While I didn't see this as a good sign, I was happy to be going back to bed. 4AM comes early when you go to bed at midnight. We ended up sleeping until almost 9 and that's when I began what felt like the never-ending routine of taking his temperature and administering Tylenol and Ibuprofen.

Between Tuesday morning and Thursday, his temp went as low as a normal 98.6 to a high of 103.2. It was all over the place. We were chalking it up as a Summer flu (although he received a flu shot in the Fall). Sleep was hard to come by because every time his fever would spike, it would wake him up. I saw the hours of 3AM to 5AM far too often this last week. I called our doctor on Wednesday and she said that we could come in or continue to watch for new signs. If anything worsened or we felt like his condition wasn't improving, to bring him. She mentioned that they had been pretty busy with the stomach bug as did my Mom who works in the ER of a local hospital. I made an appointment for Thursday morning and we were at the office bright and early at 8AM.

Upon examining C, the doctor suggestion that we take him to the ER for some scans as he was having some stomach pains and when she attempted to do an exam on his tummy, he lost his mind and said it hurt. The first thing out of her mouth was this could be something serious, let's get it checked out. So off to Children's ER we went.

We spent 3.5 hours at Children's where they ran 4 different tests: an x-ray, an ultrasound, a urine test and strep test. Each exam came back clean, with no issues present. His ultrasound did show that he was a bit constipated, even with going #2 on Wednesday, which made sense to us since he hadn't been eating or drinking much. He was kept for observation for an hour or so after completing his exams. His temp was back up to 103.5 (this highest it ever got) and the doc wanted to have him eat to see if he could keep it down. The pain was never diagnosed and we haven't had anymore stomach pains since Thursday morning. We were told he more than likely had a tough GI bug and that it would run it's course in over a span of 7 days.

Today is day 7 and we've been fever free since Saturday morning. While the high temps are gone, we still have a moody kid and a really wacky sleep schedule to deal with. We've been talking about where he could have picked up such a virus and all we can think of is maybe he got it from the amusement park on Father's Day. While we washed our hands before meals and after using the restroom, we didn't think to clean our hands after each ride or game. Lesson learned, I guess.

I can't thank everyone enough for their thoughts and prayers during this messy, messy week. Once his fever broke, the Mister and I starting cleaning and removing every single speck of dust and any chance of a germ lingering. We went as far as cleaning our basement Saturday - purging, throwing away, dusting, sweeping and mopping. Our house hasn't been this clean in quiet some time and it feels so good.

It's a new week and we have some plans that I hope we can stick to, that we don't have any more illnesses this Summer, that we can enjoy this week and then the holiday. If nothing else, I've learned that I am capable of running on as little as 3 hours of sleep. Although, I'd rather not.

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