Thursday, June 16, 2016

Our Short & Sweet Camping Adventure

Five years ago, when registering for our wedding, James and I picked out some basic camping goods we thought we'd like with the mindset that one day we would go camping. Our sweet friend Amanda gifted us the requested camping items, which soon found a home in the basement, among stuff we've never used but didn't want to part with. Fast forward to earlier this month and we decide we want to go camping. Too bad we purged before moving back home and have absolutely ZERO camping equipment. But because our desire to experience camping for the first time as a married couple and a family of 3 was so strong, we headed out and purchased ALL. THE. THINGS. needed to go camping. As fate would have it, we would be camping on our 5th wedding anniversary. While it wasn't exactly the way we imagined it, we had a blast and can't wait to go back. Here are a few highlights from our trip, which was exactly 19 hours long. 


All week long, we had been watching the weather. Storms were forcasted for the entire weekend but being in Ohio, this means nothing. We decided we would wait until Thursday to make our decision on whether to go or not. Thursday evening rolled around and Friday looked beautiful as well as Saturday afternoon. From about Saturday around 4 to Sunday evening, storms would be blanketing the area. We figured we'd give it a shot and camp for the night, allowing Connor to experience a bit of what camp life is like.

Connor helped James set up our tent and was just beside himself with excitement over sleeping outside. Once we had our site together, we visit the local beach where Connor rushed in, fully dressed. It took every once of control for me to not prevent him for playing in the water. I love swimming in the ocean but lake water, water in which you can't see through, freaks me out. But from the photos above you can tell we let him be little.

We took in some sites and checked out the campgrounds and found a small playground for Connor to burn some energy off at. We cooked turkey dogs on the fire and enjoyed our first Smore of the season.

It started raining much earlier than predicted. Around 3AM it rained to the point that James and I both wondered what we had gotten ourselves into, all while Connor snoozed in his sleeping bag. Around 7AM the rain stopped long enough for us to head into town to get breakfast and cell service. We checked the weather and discovered the storm was moving much faster than predicated so we decided to call it a day and packed up. We arrived Friday at 5:12 and pulled out Saturday at 12:10. I didn't say short and sweet for nothing.

I am so glad we went because Connor had a blast. He and James told ghost stories until nearly 11PM Friday night and we were able to go off the grid for just a bit and that's always a welcomed experience. We made it up just in time for one heck of a storm. It rained non-stop from Saturday afternoon to Sunday morning. I would have hated every minute of being stuck in a tent for that long.

While this trip wasn't as long as we would have liked, we had a great time together and have plans to go again in a couple of weeks. A few activities marked off our Summer bucket list - camping included! - we can focus on some more fun ways to celebrate the season.

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