Monday, June 13, 2016

Naptime, Bible Study and Plans for Less

Life has been so busy lately. Last week was incredibly packed full of plans. Which is all my doing but man, did it catch up to me/us. Connor has VBS each morning for 3 hours, we had play dates twice last week, a graduation dinner on Friday night and traveled out of town to see friends on Saturday. Come Sunday, we were totally wore out. With Connor going through some type of funk, we opted to spend the day at home, taking it easy. We skipped church to let Connor nap (he woke up at 6:30 after going to bed later than normal, 10:30) and I was feeling really stressed, on the verge of losing my mind at any minute. Connor has just been so much lately. He has been waking up much earlier than usual yet complains of being tired an hour after waking. He has pushed every limit set and it's just been emotionally draining. James and I have put together a 3 strike system that has been working on his bad behavior but it doesn't help with lack of sleep or disdain for naps. Luckily, he knew he had reached the limit yesterday and napped for a bit for us, which gave us all the chance to regroup.

While he napped, I decided to have to spend some time in the Word. I turned on KLOVE while catching up on my Savor 365 Devotional. I've never read a year long devotional before and this one is perfect. A handful of scripture spoke to me so I highlighted those in my Bible. While reading, I realized how much going to church and listening to our pastors and singing worship songs together really effects my mindset. In the most positive way possible.

I have never left church feeling defeated or broken. If anything, I go there with those emotions and walk out with the tools I need to help mend my pain. While my life is truly blessed, we all have seasons that are tougher to weather than others. As a wife, mother and friend, I give my all to my love ones and sometimes, I found myself feeling drained. Taking a step back and spending time in God's Word, either at church or at home, has gotten me through some emotionally rough times. Because I like to know that I'm not alone in my struggles, simple as some of them may be, I love reading Christian books written for the every day woman. Novels that give me food for thought, that explain God's purpose in my life a bit clearer. I have to share that I am still very much new on my walk with Christ, having so much to learn about myself, Him and our relationship.

I read my Bible daily but I have to admit that sometimes, things don't click with me like they do with others when reading it. I need real world examples to help understand exactly what's being said. That's why I love reading Christian novels and try to read one or two books a month. These five books are on my to read list this Summer. I am balancing book club picks with these. Giving me a bit of fun in the book club novel as well as getting more scripture in my daily life with these  books.

Over the next 3 months, I hope to work through each book, picking up fresh ways to handle the ups and downs that come my way as well build a stronger relationship with Christ and scripture. Sometimes life is crazy and I can't get to church and that's okay with me. Yesterday was a perfect example of us needed to be flexible. Connor slept and woke up a totally new kid and our day ended much better than it started. He got some much needed rest, James was able to relax and I was able to catch up on my study after a week of go go go. 

I'd love for you to share with me what Christian novels you've read, loved and have influenced your daily life. I'm always adding books to my bookshelf so drop them in the comments below and I'll be sure to add them to my never-ending list of "to reads".

Here's to hoping for a slower week, less 6AM wake-ups, more naps when needed along with more rest and less stress. For more time to relax with a good book. Happy Monday, friends!

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