Thursday, June 9, 2016

My Favorite iPhone Photography App

On any given day, I take 10-15 photos. A handful of these are totally useless as I'm trying to photograph a 3 year old that refuses to be still for me. Before too long all these photos add up and I get the dreaded iPhone error that I don't have enough space to take anymore photos. #lame. With my love of photography growing and growing as Connor gets older and older, I've been on the lookout for new ways to capture memories daily. Thanks to Liz at Chasin' Mason, I have found the perfect app for my photo snappin' needs.

To keep myself accountable and also to have a daily reminder to capture a photo, I used the Collect App on my iPhone ($1.99).  I love that I got a little message every afternoon asking me if I had "collected" my photo for the day. The Collect App is great because it gives you a thumbnail calendar photo throughout the month, so you can track your progress and see your library of photos grow. If you miss a day, it's simple to add a photo because the app pulls up the photos from that particular day when you click on the empty box in your calendar. Here is what May looked liked for us.
I love seeing our entire month is just one glance. It's fun to capture a small glimpse of our days and look back and see how much fun we have. You can also share single days too if you'd like. There are some photos that I love more than others. Looking back on these college is going to be fun a year from now. Throwback Thursday just got a whole lot more organized, you know? Here are my favorite photos from last month's college.

The large white space below the date of each photos gives you room to type in particulars about each photo. I skipped on doing that since May was my first month of using the app, where remembering to take a photo was work enough. I think this month I may add notes to each photo. But if not, I still love how easy it is to document life daily. Just add a photo to the app each day and by the end of the month you have an entire college. Pretty simple, right?

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