Thursday, June 2, 2016

Magnetic Spelling Board + Printable

We might be on Summer break but that doesn't mean the learning has to stop. While we have 3 goals for Connor this Summer - learn to verbally spell basic words, write his name and use scissors - I want to keep the Summer fun and not too school-ish. With that in mind, today I want to share one activity that will help your preschooler learn to spell 9 new words plus their name and improve their letter recognition skills.

This magnetic spelling board is super easy to put together. I purchased my cooking sheet from our local grocery and picked up the magnetic alphabet letters off Amazon. You get a container of 120 that includes letters - upper and lower. This item gives you multiple of the most popular letters which is perfect for us since Connor's name as double o and n. I divided the board into sections using washi tape. You don't have to do this but I have some cute super hero tape left over from C's birthday and thought I'd put it to use.

Using PicMonkey, I created a Connor, Mommy and Daddy flashcard with photos so Connor can (hopefully) master these 3 words. Along with those words, I've added photos of each of us. He can spell his name verbally but when using the magnets, he has struggled with telling the difference between a lower case n and r. With enough practice, I hope we can spell these three words by the end of June.

I wanted to introduce Connor to a handful of new words that use a variety of letters. I wanted to stick with 3 letter words that he may hear on a daily basis or that I can incorporate into our day easily. I found a free printable at This Reading Mama. I only used pages 26-32 and choose 7 photos to create cards with.

The images don't have the words written on them so I added those before laminating the cards. We have Connor, Mommy, Daddy, box, cat, dog, hat, ball, pig and sun to practice with this Summer.  To start out, I am going to separate the letters we will use for these 10 words from the bucket of letters. Eventually, Connor will be able to sort through them himself to find the letter he needs.

While we love our board, it's not something you can take with you on the go. I recently picked up three ABC/writing tools from Target that we can take with us when we are on the go. We have a workbook that is great for dining out, when the little ones get antsy at the table. I love this wipe-clean practice cards kit. It's the entire alphabet and Connor is familiar with this task thanks to school. Lastly, we have the play 'n' learn puzzles that have been one of Connor's favorite learning tools. He loves puzzles and playing match so this is perfect. For a total of $3, you can't beat these fun finds.

Connor is still young, just 3 1/2 but I love the idea of making learning, spelling and reading especially, fun. I want him to enjoy school so I don't plan to push too much this Summer. However I don't want him to forget what he has already been taught so we are going to play school a few times a week.

What fun ways will you teach your little ones this Summer? If you have any suggestions on spelling and letter recognition, please share them with me.

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