Thursday, June 30, 2016

Conversations with Connor -- Part 4

It's safe to say we've missed the threeanger stage. However, we have our hands full with a toddler that has more personality and sass than necessary. Connor is always saying something that completely blows our minds. He is so quick with a witty response, that trait he gets from his Papa. It's been 6 months since I've shared a Conversations with Connor post and well, there have been some doozy so I thought today would be a great time to play catch up.

Connor: What are you doing Momma?
Me: Cleaning the bathroom.
Connor: Why?
I clean the bathroom so rarely that Connor is questioning my actions. Maybe I should clean it more often.

Me: How much fun did you have at VBS?
C: It was an awesome blast. Like this big!
He had the time of his life and couldn't get his arms to stretch big enough to say how big of a blast he had.

"I need to go in there. It's my destiny to get wet". On experiencing his first splash pad of the season. 

Me: I love you to the moon, Connor.
CJ: I love you to Mars, Momma. It's big and red like my heart.
Me: Oh man, you are too sweet.
CJ: Can I go back to playing please?
Just when I thought he was a sweet one he goes and proves otherwise.

This was a negotiation between James and Connor:
CJ: When we get downstairs can you play for 100 minutes?
ME: I have to go to work soon, I can play for 2 minutes.
CJ: How about 4 minutes?
ME: 2 minutes.
CJ: 4 minutes please (in his cute voice.)
ME: 3 minutes?
CJ: Ok! But it's really going to be 4 minutes.

Every night when we go to bed, I ask Connor to give thanks for one thing. Here is what he gave thanks for this evening...
"Jesus, thank you for Joni and her girls and for her giving me a Pop Tart Mommy won't give me because it's sugars. Jesus, thank you for letting Tracy give me gifts. Even if one does have sugars, she didn't know Mommy's rule. Amen."

Instead is saying "This is going to blow your mind", Connor says "you are going to blow up your mind". And I have no interest in correcting him.

Me: "We have got to get this house in order Connor, there is stuff everywhere."
Connor: "How did it get so messy?"
Me: "From you and your toys. So let's clean up."
Connor: "I'm so sleepy Momma. I'll have quiet time while you clean."
Good thing this one's cute.

Connor: "Mommy did you quit MOPS?"
Me: "No. I still go."
Connor: "Where am I?"
Me: "I go when you are at school."
Connor: "Oh... okay..."
Moments later I hear...
"Jesus, please help my Mommy and let her know that I need to go to MOPS too. I need to play in the classroom super bad. That's all, Jesus. Amen".

I never imagined someone so little could have such a fun personality. The questions, his comments, his never ending talk makes for some interesting days, that's for sure. And while some day seem longer than others with all this chatter, I wouldn't want it any other way.


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