Friday, June 10, 2016

5 Simple Ways to Stay in Touch over Summer Break

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We are slowly working our way through Summer. Not only is school on break but MOPS is on hiatus, as well. While Connor and I love the slower start of our days and not having to go anywhere, we both miss seeing familiar faces. Connor made quick friends with a handful of little ones this year in 3YO preschool and I made strong connections with a handful of ladies from MOPS as well. Because I don't want to lose the connections and would love to consider each child/mom more than just a school/MOPS acquaintance, I am making more of an effort to stay in touch with them this Summer. If you are in the same position as us, consider these simple ways to stay in touch throughout the Summer.

Meet Up for Coffee
While I often have Connor with me during the day, there are a few weeks where he will be in VBS or swim lessons so I'll have some free time. I plan to make plans for some one on one (KID FREE!) time with girlfriends. Grabbing a cup of coffee, heading to a quiet spot and catching up is good for you emotionally and mentally.

Picnic and Play
Nothing makes my Momma heart happier than a toddler begging for bedtime. Pack a lunch and head to your favorite park and enjoy some time with friends outside, wearing them out, making your night time routine a little easier. Connor only gets to see his classmates for 6 hours a week so any additional time spent together is a win in his book. Building relationships with Connor's schoolmates is important to me as well.

Pool Day
Nothing makes the dog days of Summer easier to handle than a day spent at the pool. Plan a day at the water park or splash pad and keep cool while the kids play. We are huge fans of splash pads in our family and lucky for us, we have access to 3 within 10 minutes of our home. They allow Connor to enjoy some water fun and the adults can sit and chat.

Host a Family Cook-out
I have plans for a cook-out this weekend with a girlfriend and her family. This gives the Dads time to shoot the breeze, we get to chat and the kids get to play. Being in Ohio, we have a limited amount of time we can cook outdoors so we tend to make the very most of it. Let's not forget how amazing food is when prepared on the grill. Yum!

Discover Your Town
Connor is getting to the age that we can do more with our days so I tend to schedule our mornings pretty full. There is so much to see and do in our hometown that I love having friends take Friday field trips with us to see a new museum, see a new park, have lunch at a up and coming cafe. Dining out with little ones can be tricky but I've found that doing so during the day tends to go smoother.

To make inviting friends to such events, I've been sending Evite invitations. Their Summer designs are full of color and range in theme, making finding the perfect FREE invite easier than ever. From pool parties to BBQs to Fourth of July celebrations, there is an invite for all your Summer plans. Here are a few of my favorite.

Aren't these options fun? I love putting together play dates and get togethers for myself, for Connor and even our family. Sending out invites and getting RSVP is such a breeze thanks to online invites from Evite. What big plans do you have for the Summer? Who do you want to make memories with?

Happy Friday, friends! 

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