Monday, May 9, 2016


You know those weekends that are just the best? A mix of adventure and fun along with a much needed dose of chill and relaxation. That's what this weekend was for us. And for once, I actually photographed it so that I could put together a weekend recap post. I love reading/seeing others and really wanted to put one together so I picked this weekend to document and share. Here is what our weekend consisted of.

Friday, Connor and I had plans with friends to check out a new indoor jumping park. I was a bit nervous about us going (read I thought we'd be wasting our time and money) because Connor has been afraid of most bounce houses and slides we've visited but in the last 2-3 months I've noticed a change in how physical he has been and he pleasantly surprised me by running to the first slide, climbing up and sliding down without fear. We then had lunch and visited a local park to soak up some sun. It had rained all week so an afternoon outdoors was exactly what we needed. We headed home and hung out a bit before I started the party prep for our M&M play date planned for Saturday morning. I'm a member of House Party and from time to time, I land parties that allow us to spend a little extra time with friends. Friday night we hit up Target because... well... Target. Friday was day 8 of solo parenting so to kill some time before bedtime we visited our happy place. And thanks to Connor's love of Target's toy aisle, we killed an hour and a half. After dinner and bedtime, I caught up on some blogging, reading blogs and replying to comments on my blog. 


Saturday morning we spent time with friends at the M&M themed play date. Connor was a bit confused and asked if this meant he was 4 now. No, baby boy, don't rush time on me! After lunch, we visited friends who were having a garage sale. A friend from Columbus was there so I wanted to see her so the trip was a must for us. We spent a few hours with them - coloring, shopping, kicking around the soccer ball - before heading back home because we would be picking up James from the airport around 7. The Mister has been out of town and while I can handle my own when solo parenting, 9 days was a bit longer than I'm used to. I was oh so ready for him to be home. We had chili for dinner (PS - I would eat chili every week if I could get away with but James isn't a fan) and then James took over parenting duties. I sat downstairs and read while they played and then James tackled bed time duties. It was the perfect welcome home for him, I'm sure. Are we the only ones who dislike bath time?


 My favorite way to kick off Mother's Day each year is by sleeping in. I don't get to often and well, it's a simple free gift that only requires one thing -- for James to get up with Connor. For the third year in a row, he has indulged me and I was able to sleep until almost 10AM. #winning #bestgiftever #sleeptrumpsgifts But once I was up, we decided to take it easy. I opened my cards and was given my gifts (perfume and a bracelet) and since James had just spent 9 days away from us he needed some time with Connor and well, I was exhausted from running the Connor show so we binged watched TV, ate pizza, played games, mated socks (house work doesn't stop just because it's a holiday in my mind #ocd) and  I snapped a photo of Connor and I at 8PM. I had just showered and thought if this doesn't show our relationship nothing will -- I'm a mess, he is full of personality. It's us to at T. But I wouldn't want it any other way. I ended my night with the final episode of The Good Wife and then put together this post while watching Empire. The amount of TV I watched yesterday was embarrassingly awesome but really, I'm not one bit ashamed.

I hope y'all had a great weekend. We did. I hope those of you who celebrated Mother's Day were given an entire day of pampering in one form or another. Happy Monday, friends!

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