Monday, May 16, 2016

Target Beauty Box -- May's $10 at Target + Giveaway

For May's $10 at Target I moved outside the Dollar Spot. Wait. That's not exactly true. I spent money in that section but today I'm sharing something else I spent $10 on. Have you heard of Target's Beauty Box? You get 7-10 sample size beauty items for $10. Their boxes sell out quickly but I was lucky enough to score one this month. I'm going to share with you the goodies I got for $10 and give you a chance to win one yourself!

What I like about beauty box like these is that it gives you the chance to try products before you take and plunge and buy them. Nothing is worse than purchasing a product that's rumored to be so amazing your life will never be the same only for it to suck. You've wasted your money and still don't have a solution to whatever problem you were hoping to remedy with that particular product.

May's Target Beauty Box has 10 items, all of which I've never used before so that was exciting. Unlike Ipsy, where you customize your box based on your style and skin/hair, this box is one size fits all. Here are the items in this months box:

4 of the items in this box are skin lotions/creams which is a bit of a bummer. I think the box would be more appealing if there were other items included like a nail polish or a beauty tool or bath product. It's very face oriented and if you aren't really into creams and lotions, this would have been a bust. I am excited to try the dry shampoo and I've worn the lipstick and really like it. I've been wearing more and more lipstick lately so I like trying new formulas to see what I like best for me.  

Overall, I think I'll stick to my Ipsy bag. Again, you can personalize your bags and I think the value is more apparent in their bags than in a beauty box like this. Target's Beauty Boxes are very popular though. They often sale out really quickly but lucky for you, I was able to score 2 -- one for myself and one for one lucky reader. To enter the giveaway, just leave a comment below on what item you are most interested in trying. Bonus entries are available as well. Just follow us on Facebook and Instagram for additional entries. 

Has anyone gotten the Target Beauty Box? What was your opinion? Is this normally what you receive? Or is better or worse than usual? Now it's your turn to share what you scored this month from Target. 

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