Thursday, May 12, 2016

Our Fast Movin' Rowdy Boy -- PPP May

As much as it hurts this Momma's heart, I have to admit that we have transitioned from little guy to fully functioning boy kid. With that transition comes a new independence, a confidence, a personality that's far too grown up for my liking. Connor was once more verbal than physical. I've always thought to myself what he lacks in physical abilities he totally makes up in his ability to talk and communicate. I've never been worried about Connor not being a rowdy boy because all kids grow at their own pace. I figured one day he would be just as physical as the next boy. And now I can say, he is just as physical as others and man oh man, he is keeping us on our toes.

Over the least few months, Connor's confidence has grown and in doing so, we know have this running, jumping, climbing, moving boy that can't wait to take on a playground, a walking path, a hill to conquer. It's bittersweet watching your only child change right before your eyes, to see less and less baby but as much as I miss certain parts of the baby stage, I am truly loving our current stage. I had big fears of year 3 thanks to the threeanger rumors but we've missed out on that for the most part.

With Summer right around the corner, I can guarantee we are going to have so many outdoor adventures as a family of 3. I am really looking forward to seeing the world through Connor's eyes this season as he has matured and grown so much since last Summer.

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