Tuesday, May 3, 2016

My Month in Numbers -- April 2016

Good morning! It's the start of a new month which means I spend the bulk of the first week of the month recapping the fun we had in months past. Shoes to Shiraz's number linkup is a new favorite of mine. I keep a running list in my phone of "interesting" options to share when this post is scheduled to go live. It's been a ton of fun finding ways to make things count for this linkup. Here is April's recap by the number.

Number of episodes of House Hunters I watched on Netflix. You've heard of baby fever? What about house fever? 

Number of miles put on my car this weekend during our road trip to send friends. 

Number of pounds lost in April. It's amazing what eating well can do for a girl.

Number of times I shopped for myself last month. I don't do a lot of "me" shopping but I scored a couple new items and planned to share those with y'all sometime soon. 

Number of "Thank You" cards I mailed out last month. Friends and family have been awesome lately and I felt the need to say thanks. Plus my love of snail mail has no limits.

Number of days that C has school this month before Summer break starts. Let the fun of Mommy and Me mornings begin! 

Number of books on my to-read shelf. It keeps growing and growing. 

30 and counting
Number of nights Connor has slept all night long. Dare I say we are finally free of the "sleep when you're dead" curse? 

April was a fairly uneventful month for the boys and I. With school winding day and Summer just around the corner, I see our days picking up and being much busier. How did April treat you?

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