Tuesday, May 24, 2016

My House Hunting Wish List

Earlier this month, I confessed that I had watched 20 episodes of House Hunters on Netflix. I'm happy to say I've completed House Hunters (25 episodes total) and have moved on to House Hunters: Renovations. It's safe to say I'm completely addicted to watching others buy their forever home, their dream home or even their first fixer upper. With all this "house watching", I've came to the conclusion that I know exactly what I want when we buy our next home.

While we have a solid 2 years before we will be moving, I found myself dreaming of our "perfect" home often. James and I have varying taste and styles but overall, the bones of what we want in our next home are similar. Here are 10 features (in no particular order) I gotta have to be able to say "yes".
  1. Turn-key. This is a term I've picked up from watching HGTV on Netflix. It basically means that the home needs to be move-in ready with little to no work to be done. While the idea of renovating a home thrills others, it gives me a sense of dread. I want to be able to move in right away, put our home together and start living our life. Small projects are fine but nothing that would be considered renovating works for me. 
  2. 4 bedrooms, 2 baths. While we currently have 3 bedrooms and manage just fine, it would be ideal if we had a 4th bedroom. I'd love things to pan out like this - master bedroom, Connor's room, guest room and office for James and I. It would be awesome if we could have a dedicated work space for when we need to step away and take calls, work on a project, etc. 
  3. Room for entertaining. My dream is to one day host my family's Christmas and Thanksgiving along with host Connor's birthdays at home. We need space, indoors and out, to comfortable host 10-15 people. While living in Ohio limits the amount of time we can spend outdoors, it's important for our future home to have room indoors to entertain guests. 
  4. Great outside space. When the weather is great in Ohio, it's amazing. Our Spring and Fall (when not raining) are the best, hands down. I would love to have a patio area that opens up to a large backyard. I'd like plenty of space for Connor to grow into and have room to horse around with his friends in later in life.
  5. Double Oven. This is a no brainer really but I have this perfect dinner planned where I'm preparing dinner in one oven and baking the most delicious sweet treat in the other. I imagine this bonus feature would make the family celebrations I want to host to go much smoother as well. And I think the look of them is really cool and modern in an updated kitchen.
  6. Sense of Community. We lack both were we live now. I want block parties and school spirit. Never did I imagine I'd wish for such things in my life, but as I've gotten older, I've put more value in community and friendliness. While I can't guarantee that our neighbors will be nice, we can pick the best school district for C and that's exactly what we plan to do. 
  7. Newer Build. Our home now was built in 1924. It's quickly approaching it's 100th birthday. While some people love a older home and the character they provide, I would like a home that was built anywhere from 2000 to now. The most recent home I saw online in a nearby city was built in 2000 and it was pure perfection. 
  8. A Dishwasher. Because our home is older, we don't have a dishwasher nor the space to add one to our kitchen. I hate washing dishes and unless I do them 2 times a day, they really pile up and my OCD can only take so much mess. I love the simple ease a dishwasher provides and they use less water than washing by hand so really, I'm doing the Earth a disservice by not having one.
  9. Bonus Room/Basement. I want a space that Connor can call his own. As of now, that would be a playroom but as he gets older, I want him to be able to invite his buddies over and spend afternoons at our home. I like the idea of having the "cool" house his friends want to hang out at. Also read: if he is home, then I know what's going on. #momwin
  10. Pinterest Perfect Front Door/Stoop. I don't have the front door or space that allows for much decorating for the holiday and the ideas on Pinterest that pop up every Fall and Christmas leave me wishing for a space to decorate with pumpkins and a bench or a small pre-lit tree with an adorable welcome sign. Not to mention the adorable photo shoots that could take place on the front stoop. 
There you have it! Not too bad, right? What was on your wish list when you were last on the market for a new home?



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