Friday, May 27, 2016

Free To Be: All Boy, All Summer + 5 Upcycle Crafts

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Summer has finally arrived here in Ohio. Today's high is forecasted to be close to 90. With sunny days and warm temps comes a peak in Connor's allergies. I shared before how having such an extreme grass, tree and dust allergies was worrisome to me. How could I allow Connor to be a normal 3 year old kid with such big allergies to deal with? Let's not forget that kids are messy. While I love seeing Connor enjoy himself when playing outdoors, I want to be sure his clothes are taken care of, too. Lucky for my family, I've found the perfect solution for inside fun and the messy clothes that come with being a kid.

We can't always spend days outdoors. We tend to schedule our time outside around the pollen index. But that's okay with us because staying in doesn't have to dampen our summer at all. Because I knew Connor wouldn't get as much outside time as most kids thanks to his allergies, we've prepped for Summer fun with 5 adorable toilet paper crafts. Start collecting and saving those used toilet paper rolls, you are going to love these adorable crafts.

Craft #1: Apple Tree
Since trees make us sneeze, why not enjoy one indoors! Using green construction paper cut out your tree. Add apples by dipping a q-tip in red paint and dotting your tree. To create a trunk for your tree, cut 2 slits on the each side of your toilet paper roll so that you can slid your green leafing tree in.

Craft #2: Binoculars
This just might be my favorite. Let you little one explore inside with their own set of colorful binoculars. Tape 2 rolls together using scotch tape. Pick out 4 different colors of construction paper for your pattern, cutting them into 1 inch strips. Wrap one strip at a time around the 2 rolls, using tape to secure them in place. Repeat this 4 times to completely cover the cardboard. Next, add a hole punch to each side of your binoculars, adding a ribbon so that you can wear the binocular while you are exploring.

Craft #3: Rainy Day Clouds
Create a cloud using white construction paper and glue it to the top portion of your blue sky (construction paper). Glue cotton balls to your cloud to give it the soft fluffy look of a summer sky. Next, use your toilet paper rolls to create raindrops. Simply fold in your roll to create a oval or drop shape. Dip the oval in white and shades of blue paint to create different shapes and colors of rain.

Craft #4: Squid
Summertime is all about time spent in water and visiting the beach. What about creating your own sea creature with this adorable squid? This was Connor's favorite. Paint your squid whatever color you'd like (Connor picked pink; his current favorite color). Once the paint is dry, cut 6 (more or less is okay, too!) tentacles. Using whatever color you like, add the suction cup portion of the tentacles by dotting paint with a q-tip. Create a friendly face by adding eyes and a mouth.

Craft #5: Send Your Love
This craft is perfect for sending a little bit of Summer snail mail love to friends and family. I created cards by folding sheet of computer paper into fourths. Mold and fold your cardboard roll into the shape of a heart. To keep the shape, use a piece of tape to hold the top crease in place. Dip your heart into paint - red, pink, purple - and once dry, add a sweet message and then send your loved ones some hand-crafted love.

Speaking of family, when it comes to parenting, we want our kids to have fun, but we also pride ourselves in teaching our children to take care of their clothing and that means knowing that when play time is over there is still a need to look presentable. Clean clothes, free of stains, is definitely important to me. That's when I call on the all® free clear liquid detergent or free clear mighty pacs®. You know why? These products lets our son “live free” from bothersome allergies and I am “worry free” knowing that I’m using the #1 Recommended laundry detergent brand by dermatologists, allergists, and pediatricians for sensitive skin and allergy suffers.

Other benefits of using all® free clear include:
  • Hypoallergenic
  • Clinically proven to be gentle on the skin
  • Actually removes up to 99% of allergens!

What does that really mean for you and your family? It means if you’re allergic to trees, grass or dust like CJ, washing clothing you've worn outside or been given as a hand me down with all® will remove 99% of the most common allergens. Other allergens include: cats, dogs and ragweed. But since using all® free clear liquid detergent or free clear mighty pacs® we are able to finally live free from the irritants and allergens that can get in the way of having fun! While all® free clear is not intended to treat or prevent allergies, I feel comfortable knowing I'm washing our clothing, bedding and towels in detergent that helps minimize our contact with every day allergens. As always, be sure to follow the instructions on the packaging correctly when using your detergent.

We've made our crafts, we've visited Target to get our all® free clear liquid detergent and free clear mighty pacs® and now we are ready to tackle Summer. Are you ready? Be sure to put your empty toilet rolls to use and don't forget to protect your sensitive skin and allergies by picking up your bottle or two of all® free clear today. Join the all® free clear community and connect with families just like ours. 

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