Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Bakerly -- Happy Go Snacky Goodie Baskets

I have 3 weaknesses -- baked goods, chocolate and binge watching HGTV. If I had to pick which is my biggest vice, I'd have trouble picking between baked goods and chocolate. I love sweets, what can I say! So when bakerly gave me a chance to taste the #1 bakery snack in France, I couldn't pass up the opportunity. Once I did, I knew that I had to share their on-the-go snacking goodness with my girlfriends and you!

Baked goods may be tasty but they can be a bit of a pain to make and to deliver, all the while keeping them fresh for your friends and family. bakerly has 4 products that are individually wrapped, perfect for on-the-good snacking of your favorite French treats.

Strawberry and Chocolate filled Rolled Crepes -- think of these as skinny pancakes that are rolled up and then filled with delicious chocolate or strawberry jam (C's favorite!).

Mini Brioches with Chocolate Chips -- it's hard to believe that such sweet rolls could have some much flavor but they do! Chocolate makes everything tastier, right?

Chocolate-Filled Croissants -- because the only thing better than a delicious croissant is one that's been filled with chocolate.

Petit Sponge Cakes -- a fresh twist on an American favorite, filled with chocolate, strawberry or apricot (my favorite!).

I'm sure you are wondering what makes these treats different that others on the shelf. I've already praised their taste and the ease of snacking on-the-go but in case you need more reasons to stock up, let me tell you a bit more about bakerly. Their simple ingredients make giving Connor a special treat such as these a no brainer.
  • non-GMO verified
  • made with real butter, rBST-free milk and unbleached wheat flour
  • no artificial colors or flavors and no preservatives
  • Free of hydrogenated or partially-hydrogenated oils
  • 30 days shelf life from frozen for crepes, brioches and croissants and 60 days for petit sponge cakes.  

bakerly was so kind to send me the biggest box of their goodies so I thought I should share the tastiness of their products with others. Since Mother's Day is right around the corner, I put together small baskets filled with Bakerly treats for some girlfriends. Baked goods and coffee was the perfect combination of "indulge" for my sweet friends.

Head over to bakerly's site and find the closet grocery that carries their products. Odds are it will be a specialty store (think Fresh Tyme, Whole Foods, Acme). You are going to love the ease of snacking on tasty baked goods while on the move.

Disclosure: Thank you bakerly for sponsoring this post... and filling our bellies with French goodness. All opinions are my own and as always, I only share products I love and fully stand behind.

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