Tuesday, May 10, 2016

10 Lessons Motherhood Has Taught Me

I've been on this crazy roller coaster called Motherhood for over 3 1/2 years now. We've had both bright moments filled with happiness and others filled with complete and udder chaos. Along the way, I've learned so much about myself, about love, about life, about my marriage. The lessons are never-ending and often leave me wondering "What have I gotten myself into?". Motherhood brings so many changes and these changes usually result in teachable moments, personal growth and accomplishment.

Lesson 1
Moms can pee faster than the average person and under any and all circumstances. With company, while holding a child or while brushing your teeth. We are the champions of peeing under the best/worst scenarios.

Lesson 2
Never ask someone if they want to have children. You don't know their situation. You don't know their struggles. However, when your dearest friend announces she is pregnant with her 4th, it's perfectly okay to ask if she has lost her flippin' mind.

Lesson 3
Wanting to keep your home in order, tidy and clean, sounds great in theory. You may even pull it off day after day. Keep in mind that what falls in between the couch cushions is the truest test of how clean you really keep things.

Lesson 4
It doesn't matter what you expect to happen, you can plan for anything and I can promise you the exact opposite will in fact occur. Plan A is Mom's plan while Plan B is the how things are mostly going to play out thanks to the little people running the show.

Lesson 5
Your husband/partner needs to be in your corner on everything. Once your child sees that you are a team divided, there is no way you will ever win the battle.

Lesson 6
Never leave home without snacks. It doesn't matter if you just feed them a 3 course meal, they will ask for something the moment you've buckled yourself in. Prepare yourself and stock your bag.

Lesson 7
Yes you are a mother and spouse but more than anything you are still you. Don't let the responsibilities of home and family steal that from you. Find something that is totally yours - book club, girls night and blogging are mine - and enjoy them on a regular basis. It's amazing what having something of your own can do for your soul.

Lesson 8
You are never going to have it all together or figured out. Try herding cats. That's what life with little ones is like. You are here, there and everywhere.

Lesson 9
Before motherhood I'm sure you were so opposed to the Mom uniform - yoga pants, a comfortable top and messy buns - but by now you've embraced it. If you haven't, save yourself and come to the dark side. I can promise you that chasing little ones is easier in TOMs than heels.

Lesson 10
You will never ever ever ever love as deep or real or unconditional as you will once you are a mother. The moment that you hold your baby for the first time is when the game is over and you have officially loved no one more than this little human being that spends his/her days eating, sleeping and pooping (my gosh all the poop!!). 

Motherhood is glorious. It's nothing I expected yet everything I imagined and so much more. What has motherhood taught you?

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